'I want to have my hands full'

'I want to have my hands full'

Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja believes in working on projects and characters that he is convinced about. Chiru, as he is fondly called, has always made a conscious effort to play different characters and this is evident in all his previous projects like 'Varadhanayaka', 'Kempegowda', 'Chirru', 'Aatagara' and 'Aake'.

Chiru will soon be seen essaying the role of a visually-impaired person in 'Samhara', a carefree young lad in 'Rajamarthanda' and a son in 'Amma, I love you'.

The actor also wishes to go beyond just doing one movie to working on at least four projects in a year. In an interview with Nina C George, Chiru talks about his upcoming projects and more.

What is your role in 'Samhara'?

For the first time in my career, I am playing a visually-impaired person. The most challenging part was the fight sequences because I had to learn how to fight my opponent without being able to see anything in front of me. I remain visually-impaired for only about 25 percent of the film and my vision is restored towards the second half.

How was it to play the role?

I had to learn how to walk, talk and look every bit like someone who is visually impaired. One is so used to blinking one's eyes often. But I had to learn how to blink less and keep looking straight. I watched a couple of videos to understand how those who are visually impaired find their way around.

What genre would this film fit into?

This is an action-thriller and the fight sequences by Ravi Varma are something to watch out for. I had a lot of blindfolded practise sessions. It helped me confidently fight my opponent.

What's your role in 'Amma, I love you'?

The film explores the relationship between a mother and son. It throws light on what a son can do to make his mother feel happy and secure. On a personal level, I could relate to some of the instances in this film and I am sure everybody who watches it will also be able to do so. I dedicate this film to all women.

What impressed you about your next project 'Rajamarthanda'?

I liked the characterisation. I play a carefree lad who is loved by everybody for his easy-going ways and happy-go-lucky attitude. My character has a neat mix of comedy, sentiment, action and emotion.

Any changes that you want to make to your career in the New Year?

I have been working on one film a year but now I want to increase that to at least four. I want to have my hands full and deliver exactly what my fans want.

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