Bites of happiness

Bites of happiness

Christmas is here and it's the season of sugary treats and high calories. What better way to ring in the festivities  than with some tasty and healthy treats? Set aside the plum cakes as cookies, macarons, desserts in a jar and rolls are taking over this season.  

Colourful cookies are a great way to celebrate, says Parrejat Boraah, a homebaker. "I love making these cookies with toppings that depict stars, bells, snowflakes, trees, Christmas wreath and more. They can be made with royal icing or fondant," she says. Parrejat has used colours like red, green, white and even bright blue to depict the themes of the season.
"These sugar cookies are used as Christmas tree ornaments in the West. I also make gingerbread cookies which have spice in them," she adds.    

Says Sandhya Parthasarathy, a homebaker, "Apart from fruit cakes, I am making 'Christmas special macarons'. Raisins that have been soaked for a year in rum and brandy is used as the filling for the macaron."

Though desserts in a jar are a common, she has made them more festive by  dishing out a 'Black forest cake'. "It is made out of chocolate cake and cherry compote with whipped cream. The season demands warm and fruity goodness. I also make 'Rich chocolate truffle' for the season," she says.

"We also make gingerbread cakes which are seasoned with clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and crystallised ginger," she adds.

Ashel  Dimi, a homebaker, is trying to give a healthy twist to Christmas desserts. She has made 'Sweet potato cream cheese rolls' for the season and says that organic items like fruits or vegetables combined with seasonal flavours work great.

"People love having desserts and if it is healthier, it makes the festivities merrier. I love how sweet potato goes well with cream cheese and spices like cinnamon and clove," she says.  
She adds that these rolls can be tricky to make but the binding feature of items like sweet potato or pumpkin works in its favour.

"I am also making 'Pumpkin spice bars' and 'Apple fritters' for the season," she adds.      

Small bites with a load of flavour works great for the season, says Rubina, who is baking 'Christmas tree brownie shots'. Her 'brownie shots' are  rich in taste with Belgium chocolate, cocoa, butter and  caramel drizzled on top.

"Cream is used to make the Christmas tree design." She also makes 'Dates and rum bundt shots'.

"I love bite-sized food as it is cute and  helps keep a check on calories. It is also more intimate when compared to a full cake," she adds.    

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