For the young and restless

For the young and restless

The brand caters to the curious and adventurous souls. It encourages the customer to explore, wonder and discover. In the latest collection, The 'Dessert Nomad' and 'Wild Kingdom' depict the basic principles of what the brand stands for.  

The colours, graphics and prints of the  'Dessert Nomad' collection  are designed to give a complete safari look for those  with an innate passion for travel and adventure.  The elements used for the collection blend fashion and nature coherently. 'Wild Kingdom' is inspired by the jungle traveller and for people running their day-to-day life in a totally different setup.

The collection uses the elements of animals in order to aptly represent the features. Elements like dragonflies and camouflage of animal skin clearly highlight  the edginess of the collection. Outfits in this line include  fit stretchable cargo pants, reversible shorts, animal skin printed shorts, camouflaged T-shirts and cameo jackets, to name a few.

Speaking about the collection, Shibani  Mishra, chief marketing officer,  FLF, brand-division, says, "'Dessert Nomad' is inspired by travellers. The prints and graphics are inspired by fossils and the dusty and rugged look gives the line a complete desert safari look. And the 'Wild Kingdom' collection has prints and graphics inspired by animals and camouflaged of animal skin."

The  brand encourages effortless  dressing for people who are carefree, with an attitude that is subtle yet has its own edginess.  

Urmila Mandangada a student of KIMS kept her look sporty by wearing a crop top with a pair of joggers.

Punchline: "My outfit was casual yet very stylish. The best part was one can wear it as a gym wear or for an outdoor activity."

Price: Crop top (Rs 899) and joggers (Rs 1,699).

Aishwarya Baruah from CMRIT wore an army-printed top and paired it with black shorts.

Punchline: "My attire was an easy wear. It can be worn with heels or with a pair of sneakers, according to one's mood and need."

Price: Top (Rs 899) and shorts (Rs 1,299).

Rashmi Madhuri, a graduate of National College, Jayanagar wore a knee-length checked shirt dress.

Punchline: "This dress was a combination of both style and comfort. The light and breathable fabric is a good option for biking or trekking too."

Price: Shirt dress (Rs 1,799)

Vaishali Rajput of Mount Carmel College slipped into a beige- coloured shirt and olive green shorts.

Punchline: "The khaki and olive green colours instantly enhance one's look. I would definitely wear this outfit for a day out with friends."

Price: Shirt (Rs 1,399) and shorts (Rs 1,199).

Ashika Kumar from Mount Carmel College slipped into a camouflage print shift dress.

Punchline: "The dress gave me a pretty relaxed look. The print on the outfit is trending at the moment. I loved the colour combination."

Price: Shift dress (Rs1,399)

Bhakti Devraj, from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, wore a shirt and cargo pants.

Punchline: "The shirt and the cargo pants gave me a cool and confident look. It will be great for college and while camping."

Price: Shirt (Rs 999) and cargo pants (Rs 1,899).

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