'I really want to play a villain in Bollywood'

'I really want to play a villain in Bollywood'

He's tall, handsome and makes heads turn with his outfits. Apart from this, his love and appreciation for food makes Matt Preston who he is.  He has been teaching and learning some of the best cooking tricks through 'MasterChef Australia, which airs from Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Star World India.

The show introduces some great cooks this year too and as a judge, Matt is quite thrilled about it. He chats with Anila Kurian about his time on the show and what he wishes to do in the future.  

How  has the journey of 'MasterChef Australia' been this season?  

It has been amazing and I believe this season saw some of the best cooking. There were a lot of surprises, especially when it came to the 'Top 8' contestants.  

You, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan share a great chemistry onscreen...

We're very privileged to make it this far. I really do think we have the best job in the world. We laugh an awful lot, travel regularly and have some of the best dishes. It really feels like a dream come true.  

What  have you learnt from the contestants this year?  

There was something new to learn every day. Simple recipes like the lemon mousse, which reminded me of my grandmother, to the use of bok  choy, every day was a learning experience in the MasterChef kitchen. After we reached the 'Top 10' week, we didn't have anything more to teach them!

According to you, what's the weirdest  food discovery this year?  

I've seen different food  trends  in different  countries  I've travelled to. In Australia, it's the ridiculous milkshakes that have  doughnuts, ice creams and other desserts  stacked up. It's great for Instagram but it's just weird.  

What are you expecting to  top the chart of weird foods next year?  

Hopefully, I will catch it early enough to stay away from it! But you never
know, it's a weird world. I mean, in  America and Australia, the unicorn cakes  are a fad. But I really hope local  vegetarian flavours are  looked into  in the coming year.  

When will you be visiting Bengaluru again?  

Whenever anyone wants to have me! It's been a while since I last visited. Honestly, I really want to play a villain in Bollywood or Tollywood. I'd be perfect for it and  there wouldn't be any dancing.

Some of  the villains dance too...

But they don't have to do it too well, do they? (Laughs)

Have you added any more pink suits to your collection?

(Laughs) You know what? I've actually stopped wearing pink suits. But my choice of bold colours is perfect for a Bollywood entry, don't you think?  

But you were quite proud of those suits...

Of course! When I was in London a few months back, a men's fashion magazine had an article about how every man should buy a pink suit. That made me remember how when I started wearing them four years ago, many said that it wasn't the right thing. But then Harry Styles started wearing it and it became a trend.

Which new  fashion trend are you hoping to start?  

I already have a few that I've started, so let's see. I think I find myself in the fashion trends because I end up being in the right place at the right time, allowing me to have the last laugh.  

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