Archaeological dept readies plans to rebuild Krumbiegel Hall

Archaeological dept readies plans to rebuild Krumbiegel Hall

The state archaeological department on Monday gave a report to the horticulture department on rebuilding the Krumbiegel Hall in Lalbagh, which was razed last month.

M Jagadeesh, horticulture department, deputy director at Lalbagh, told DH that the archaeological department will rebuild the heritage structure with limestone and mortar.

"They've prepared the report after a five-day field survey," Jagadeesh said. "We had taken the site measurement two years ago. The archaeological department has pictures of the old hall and they have presented an artistic impression of how the hall would look after it is put back."

The pillars, iron portions and stone slabs have been collected from the site, which will be used to recreate the hall, he said.

Preliminary estimates put the cost of rebuilding at Rs 98 lakh and the horticulture department would bear it in full. Jagadeesh said a report will be presented to the government for its final approval, following which the rebuilding work will commence.

Both the departments have decided to start work on the building by the third week of January and complete it in a year.

Officials of the horticulture department have been discussing the details of the rebuilding effort with Alyia Phelps-Gardiner Krumbiegel, great granddaughter of German botanist Gustav Hermann  Krumbiegel, who designed Lalbagh, and whose name the hall bore.

Alyia was disturbed by some reports that the building bearing her great grandfather's name had collapsed due to delay and negligence by the horticulture department. "We explained the chronology of events," Jagadeesh said, adding, "She has been updated about the meetings and the plans for the hall. She has no complaints now."

Part of Krumbiegel Hall, built over a 100 years ago, collapsed in the rain in October, prompting the horticulture department to raze what remained of the structure. It was used as a  training centre for farmers and gardeners.

The rebuilt hall will be converted into a virtual museum and will screen a documentary on Lalbagh and its history.  


Historic hall  

* Report prepared after field survey

* Krumbiegel Hall will be built back with materials taken from razed structure

* Work on building the hall would commence by January third week and will take a year


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