Commonwealth, Asian Games medals on Sania's agenda

Commonwealth, Asian Games medals on Sania's agenda

Commonwealth, Asian Games medals on Sania's agenda

Having turned a new chapter in her life after marrying Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, Sania said tennis remained on top her agenda and she is focussing to do well in the October 3-14 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, followed by the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

"Commonwealth Games and Asian Games are coming up and those are my priority this year. I would like to be fit and healthy for these events," Sania told reporters in an interview, along with Shoaib.

"I'm especially eager for the Commonwealth Games because it is in India and it's also going to be my first Commonwealth Games," said the tennis ace. Looking ahead, Sania said she had not set herself any target as far as ranking was concerned and just wants to stay away from injuries.

"I don't have a target. I never had a target. I think the main target should be healthy and injury-free, which is very difficult in our sport. Still, I will try and play as long as I can and try and get a medal in Commonwealth and Asian Games. I don't have a number in my head (about rankings)," Sania said. Post-marriage, Sania and Shoaib would settle in Dubai and she dismissed suggestions that shifting base would affect her career.

"Dubai is not so far, it is almost like living in Delhi. It is only three hours' away. I know a lot of people, tennis courts and tennis coaches. That's not an issue at all to get practice and everything. "We don't spend much time at home anyway. I am travelling, he is travelling. Even before marriage, I used to travel 35 weeks a year. When we are at home, we are usually taking time off. Professionally, it is not going to affect anything," she explained.

Sania was also of the view that marriage had brought happiness in her life and it also came at an opportune time. "It's (marriage) a part of life, it's a phase of life. I think it will add to all the happiness. It's very a positive thing in a person's life," she said.

"I think it is the best time to get married for both of us. He has some time off and I am also nursing my wrist injury. We both had time. After that, we are going back to practising in a couple of weeks and get back to our routine," she said.