More consumption of water by high-income households

More consumption of water by high-income households

High-income households in the city consume far more water  than those with low incomes, says a recent study by the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE).  

The average consumption is 225 Litres Per Capita Day (LPCD). But the consumption of water by high-income households is about 342 LPCD.  

Among the main purposes for bulk usage of water in high-income households are gardening and beautification activities, said Sharachchandra Lele, senior fellow and convenor, Centre for Environment and Development.  

The study came up for discussion at a seminar on 'Rethinking Bengaluru's Water, Wastewater and Lakes' at Alliance Francaise on Monday.

The study found that the water consumption pattern increases with increase in wealth and house size. One of the reasons for this is that high-income households have larger plot areas and varied uses of water, including cleaning of vehicles, on a daily basis. The study also found that households dependent on rainwater harvesting reduce consumption and those dependent on public taps consume less water.

Interestingly, the core areas of BBMP limits consume less water than the peripheral areas or the newly added zones. The BWSSB was found to be catering to  just 50% of the water supply here and the remaining is fulfilled with water tankers.  

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