DH 2017: When women found their voice

DH 2017: When women found their voice
This year saw multiple instances of women standing up against instances that threatened their freedom. Varnika, a DJ standing up to the Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, women from the film fraternity protesting against the ban of a movie or using #metoo to show the magnitude of sexual assault bothering them, were among those that took India and the world by storm.

There were also a few judgements by Supreme Court that upheld the rights of women. DH compiles a short list of stories that showed that women are not so easily threatened by those in power.

Chandigarh court frames abduction, stalking charges against Vikas Barala

Vikas Barala and his friend chased Varnika on the streets of Chandigarh in an inebriated state. They attempted to stop the car which Varnika was steering. The entire episode unfolded when Varnika was returning home after work.

Women directors speak up against ban on 'Lipstick Under My Burkha'

The film industry united against the CBFC move to ban 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' on the account of a movie being too 'lady-oriented'. Vijayalakshmi Singh, actor, director and a former member of the CBFC told that the board should have certified the film.

From '#MeToo' to we too...

The #MeToo campaign was a movement this year which brought to the fore a taboo topic: rampant sexual harassment and abuse in one of the most celebrated, male-dominated industries in the world, Hollywood. Women joined hands online and came together to share stories of sexual harassment they have had to face from every single corner of the world. From Hollywood to the world of media, from workplaces to anonymous women, these stories were not easy to read, but necessary to be told.

Big win for Muslim women as SC sets aside 'triple talaq'

The Supreme Court set aside the 1400-year-old practice of 'triple talaq' terming it arbitrary and unconstitutional. 

Sex with minor wife is rape: SC

In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court held that engaging in sex with a child bride will be considered rape. The verdict was hailed by child rights activists as a step forward in protecting girls from abuse and exploitation.  

(Compiled by Tenzin and Poornima)

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