'I always wanted to play a bubbly girl'

'I always wanted to play a bubbly girl'

Sandalwood actor Iti Acharya  is happy that 2017 has proved be a good year for her. After 'Dhwani',  the young actor went into a brief hiatus as she wanted to groom herself.  After continuous hours of physical training and  skill training, she is excited to be  back with  'Kontract' and 'Kavacha'. In a candid conversation she talks about  her upcoming films and more.  

How has your journey in the industry been so far?

'Dhwani' was an artsy and non-commercial kind of subject. I was very excited about the project yet  I knew that I wanted much more. I wanted to prove that I was not just a glam doll and that I could act too, which
I was able to with this film. But I also knew that I had to strive harder and prepare myself for bigger commercial projects. Thankfully, the hard work is paying off.

Tell us about your latest projects.

I am a part of 'Kontract', which also has Radhika Kumaraswamy and Arjun Sarja. Many of the team members of 'Dhwani' were involved in this movie and they suggested me for the role
of Radhika's friend, a software engineer. I am still shooting for the film and it has been a learning experience. I am also doing a significant role in 'Kavacha', the remake of Malayalam movie 'Oppam'.  

How has it been to be a part of 'Kontract'?

I have worked in smaller films earlier. This was my first opportunity to work with a big star cast. The film is being shot in three languages  - Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, which was quite challenging. Radhika ma'am is proficient in many languages while I am not. However, she stood by me and even spoke to me in Hindi which helped me feel at home.  

Your chemistry with Radhika Kumaraswamy....    

I learnt a lot of things from Radhika ma'am. She is so down-to-earth and humble. I was almost shivering in her presence but she quickly calmed me down. She treated me like any other co-star. She had  no airs  and even taught me how to get my expressions right. I have watched all her movies after I met her; that is the kind of impact she  makes.  

Thoughts about your role in 'Kavacha'?

I couldn't have asked for a bigger project. Shivarajkumar is known for not working in remake movies and
it seemed like a blessing to be a part of a movie in which he is there. I had watched Priyadarshan sir's 'Oppam' and though this movie is a remake, my role is  not there in the Malayalam version.  

Tell us about your role in the movie.

I'm playing a  19-year-old Punjabi girl in 'Kavacha'. I was shocked when I heard about my role and even asked the director, G V R Vasu, if he wanted some time to rethink about his decision. But I always wanted to play a bubbly girl.

How similar are you to your role?

I am a bubbly and bold person. If I want something, I will be focussed and will make every effort to achieve it.  But when it comes to acting, it is not easy to play yourself on screen. The moment the camera
starts rolling, you are no more yourself; you are the actor. It takes a lot of effort to act yourself.  

What are your thoughts about sharing screen space with such big names?

This is like achieving a life goal. I  never thought that I would be able to  share the screen with a legend so soon.  

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