Not a Sunny show anymore

Not a Sunny show anymore

With actor Sunny Leone calling off the New Year's Eve show in the city, citing lack of security, a few Bengalureans share their thoughts on the developments.  

 Koushik Sinha, corporate lawyer

"She is widely accepted in movies,  then why not as a performer. The  
city police could have given the  civilians and the artiste the needed protection. Bengalureans are generally  forward-thinking people and it's just a  minority that is trying to impose their ideologies  on others. By  agreeing to their demands, we are  just encouraging these groups.  Sunny has  given up her former  profession many years ago and people need to understand that."


Diya Maria Joseph, intern with a private company

"It is pointless to not allow Sunny to  perform in the city. There are many  
serious issues that people should concentrate on rather than passing such judgemental comments. Sunny Leone is a clear-headed  woman and has already issued a statement keeping in mind the safety concerns. Protests of this sort make no sense and bring out the hypocritical attitude of the people because three out of the five who are protesting against her, are the ones watching her on the internet. She has left her past far behind and I don't understand why these people are so rigid about letting go of things."


David  Sangma, media and  communication student  

"People should know how to move ahead in life and not judge others by their past. At the end of the day, she is an entertainer. As a progressive nation, we need to change our perception. I personally think that it would have been different if a male celebrity was in her place. It's really sad that a metropolitan city like Bengaluru is still differentiating between male and female entertainers."  


Karthik Jannu, data scientist

"As a Bengalurean, I am so disappointed. This is a city that hosts major events all through the year. Many big names from around the world come and perform  here and I was looking forward to this programme too. The double standard of the government is shocking and the hypocrisy of the government and the city police have startled me. It is just a  small group of  people who are creating problems and dictating terms for others."


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