The power couple

The power couple

Newlywed cricketer Zaheer Khan and Bollywood actor Sagarika Ghatge seem to be ticking all the right boxes for couple goals these days.  

The couple were  recently in the city for the launch of Platinum Evara, the pre-wedding jewellery. In a chat with Anila Kurian, Zaheer and Sagarika
spoke about  life after marriage and their weekend plans.  

How is life right now?  

Sagarika: We are just unwinding right now (laughs). It's been  quite hectic with so much to do and we're just taking as many  mini-breaks as we can.

Where  have you been travelling to these days?  

Sagarika: We had a lovely time at the Maldives recently and it was absolutely great.  I travelled quite a bit last year though.  

You did want to travel solo. Is that still on your bucket list?  

Sagarika: (Laughs) I'd love to but I don't think I can anymore. But let's see; I do have my fingers crossed.  

What do you do to unwind after a busy week?  

Zaheer: We love hanging out with our friends and having a good time.  But lately, whenever we get a break, we watch television series.  

Sagarika: Our latest obsession is 'The Crown'. It's so good!

Have your weekend plans changed since marriage?  

Sagarika: (Laughs) We haven't been in Mumbai for a complete week!  

Zaheer: We don't have weekends anymore, to be honest. We're just losing track of the days that go by, so we just figure out what we have to go  through dates. But sports people don't generally have weekends anyway.  

Sagarika: It's the same with actors too. The weekend system doesn't really go with our kind of work.  

Tell us something about your professional life.  

Zaheer: I'm still  an active player but I like to do a combination of things when it comes to playing. I like to focus on what value I can add to the team, whether it is to share the knowledge or pass on  whatever is required. Apart from that, I do have a few business interests which are keeping me busy.  

Sagarika: Now that I am settled in, I am looking forward to doing a lot of work. I have a film coming up next year. Meanwhile, I'm also going through scripts and deciding what I can  take up.

What do you like about the platinum collection?  

Sagarika: When you're married, you end up buying a lot of heavy jewellery  which is mostly traditional. But you also have to look at what you can wear after  that and this is where this collection comes in.

What kind of jewellery do you prefer wearing?  

Zaheer: I like wearing something that is subtle and minimalistic. For a sportsperson like me, wearing something that I don't have to worry about is important.  

What are some of your must-have jewellery?  

Zaheer: I'm known for my bracelets. It's something that I have been wearing for ages and many people associate me with it. Even if I forget to wear a watch, I make sure I have my bracelet.

Sagarika: The more the jewellery, the happier I am. But I love bracelets as I can wear them all the time and even when wearing a watch.  

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