On my pinboard-Sharan

On my pinboard-Sharan

Actor Sharan has worked in more than 100 films in the Kannada industry. He is known for his impressive performances in films like 'Adyaksha', 'Satya Harishchandra', 'Rambo', 'Victory', 'Maruthi 800', 'Nataraja Services' and 'Raj Vishnu', among others. Sharan is popular for his comedy roles and is not averse to experimenting with different kinds of humour.
He has also sung for films like 'Raja Rajendra', 'Vajrakaya'', 'Bullet Basya' and 'Dana Kayonu'. He will soon be seen in 'Rambo 2' and in an untitled project with Ragini.




 "Ilayaraja and Chi Udayashankar top my list of favourite musicians. I admire Ilayaraja for the way he tweaks his compositions to suit the taste of the common man. Chi Udayashankar writes lyrics that ordinary people can understand and relate to. He simplifies the most complicated thoughts and puts them in a beautiful and effective way. One can easily decipher his lyrics."


Swami Vivekananda

"I have always been inclined towards books on philosophy. I have been greatly influenced by his teachings and writings. I carry with me a pocketbook of thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. His writings have sharpened my thinking and changed my perception. His teachings have opened a whole new world for me. Some of the other writers whose work I admire are S L Bhyrappa and Chandrashekhara Kambara."




"I was born in Kalaburagi and later moved to Hubballi where I spent a better part of my childhood and youth. So whenever I get a few days off work, I am inclined to take off to Hubballi. I wait to get there to gorge on some of my favourite dishes. I have noticed that whenever I drive  towards this destination, my accent also tends to change. I also like to travel to Sullia which is located near Kukke Subramanya. The natural springs from the hills and the beautiful landscape always beckons me."



'Jowar Roti'

"I am a foodie and I like all the dishes that originate in north Karnataka. I can have 'Jowar Roti' with an accompanying curry at any time. I also like 'Kheema' curry as well as any type of 'biryani'. I used to  cook during my bachelor days. I started cooking simple recipes like 'Chitranna', 'Upma' and 'Kesari bath'.  
Nowadays, I don't cook as much as I used to because of time constraints."



Nana Patekar

"I admire Nana Patekar for the way he balances his profession and passion for philanthropy. Actors are left with very little time but Nana makes time for his social work. It is his generous nature that I wish to emulate. I have also been following the works of Puttanna Kanagal. He has the rare ability to capture a vast subject and compress it into a two and half hour movie. He is a brilliant storyteller."



G V Krishna

"Two people who have inspired me to a great extent are my father G V Krishna and Dr Rajkumar. My father began his career in theatre and worked very hard to make a mark for himself. I remember that some of his plays would start at 10 pm and get over by 2 am. My father would be up all morning and work through the night. He worked hard to give us a happy childhood and never let us know the hardship he went through. I have always tried to emulate the hard work, selfless ways and humility of Dr Rajkumar. He has always been my role model."  

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