Ex-boyfriend kills woman by stabbing 130 times

Ex-boyfriend kills woman by stabbing 130 times

Love takes a toll

Ex-boyfriend kills woman by stabbing 130 times

Katie Cullen who was murdered by Iranian-born Iman Saeed Ghaefelipour.

Thirty-five-year-old Katie Cullen, a nurse, was repeatedly knifed in the face and neck by Iranian-born Iman Ghaefelipour in Cheshire, 28, Daily Mail reported.

Ghaefelipour was angry as Cullen had dumped him for stealing more than £3,000 from her bank account. When his attempt to woo her back failed he turned violent and stabbed her more than 130 times.

He then gouged out her right eyeball and attempted to sever her right hand with the knife.
Ghaefelipour has been jailed for a minimum of 23 years after he pleaded guilty to her murder at Manchester Crown Court.

Cullen, who worked at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, had begun dating Ghaefelipour in 2008. They talked of moving in together.

But the affair went sour after Cullen found out that Ghaefelipour was stealing money from her bank account.

She went to the police but didn’t press charges after he said he would pay back the money in installments.

Ghaefelipour went to her house on October 20 last year on the pretext of discussing the outstanding money.

A little while later, neighbours heard a scream and loud noises coming from her home in Stockport, Cheshire. Then Ghaefelipour ran away from there and went to hospital where he claimed he had been mugged and was treated for cuts to his hands.

He was later arrested by police officers when he boarded a bus.