Let your hair do the talking

Let your hair do the talking

Space Buns

Heading out tonight? Bet this hairstyle will take you places you've never been. Get ready to zoom in five easy steps.  
Step 1: Get set
Prep your hair with an anti-frizz leave in cream that works for all climatic conditions. Apply this to damp hair from mid-lengths to ends.
Step 2: Crank it up
Add volume to your hair by using a volumising spray. Spray this on the roots and be rest assured your hair won't fall flat.
Step 3: Divide and conquer
Divide your hair into  two equal sections. Then, braid the bottom section upwards till you reach the crown.  
Step 4: Get your act together
Group the loose hair into a ponytail with the braid.
Step 5: Bun-ready for take off  
Twist the ponytail into a bun on either sides and you're all set!

Disco Quickie

Bring back the disco fever with red hot curls. Add some funky extensions to your curls and boogie the night away. Get the disco quickie look in four simple steps.
Step 1: Prep it
To really get your curls going, prep your hair with a high definition curl leave-in cream. For best results, use this product on towel-dried hair.
Step 2: Curl it
Time to get down to it. Divide your hair into sections and start curling each of them with a curling tong or iron.
Step 3: Raise the volume
Add extra volume to your curls by running a tail comb through them.
Step 4: Time for a quickie
Add a dash of red hot colour to your curls with a clip-on hair extension. Heat style the extension to match your curls and then secure it using the clip.


Feeling exotic? The merbraid lets you get your hair down and sparkle the night away. Here are four steps to help you ace that braid and groove with glitter.
Step 1: Prep your hair
Get that easy, breezy ocean vibe by prepping your hair with an intense moisture hair serum. Apply on towel-dried hair.
Step 2: Braid away
Take a section of your hair to start making the waterfall braid. Continue taking sections till you reach the other side of your hair.
Step 3: Get sparkly
Apply glitter by mixing it with a hair gel. Let it sit for a few minutes and you're ready to go!

(The author is founder and creative director, BBLUNT)


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