A way with words

A way with words

Choreographer-turned-director Bargav Yogambar always wanted his debut film to have a strong storyline, be technically sound and have a stellar cast. He has found all this in 'David'. The film has four stories running parallel and every story belongs to a different genre. Bargav says that quality, narration style and performance is something to watch out for in this film.

A 53 second teaser for the film will be released on December 25. Bargav says the short capsule will get the viewer's imagination rolling on what the film has in store.

He adds that he couldn't think of a better time than Christmas to launch the teaser. "We hope to release the film in February. I felt this would be an ideal time to launch the teaser. We haven't compromised on the quality and have used Gimbal stabilisers which ensures the best quality. This will be evident in the teaser," explains Bargav.

About what triggered the idea for 'David', Bargav says, that he always wanted to make a Kannada film that has the look and feel of a Hollywood film. And helping him get close to his dream is cinematographer Steve Rice who has come on board for 'David'.

"Steve and I have worked together before in an Australian film called 'Taxi Club'. We connected on Facebook and did a lot of Skype calls for 'David'. The new style of filmmaking that is visible in our film is a team effort and Steve has an important role in it," adds Bargav.
Every character in this film has an important part. Young actor Shreyas Chinga, who is essaying the role of Gautham has two shades to his character.

"The film opens showing Gautham in the role of a common man who speaks very less. But an incident changes his character and the other shade is portrayed in the second half of the film," he says.

Senior actor Avinash dons the role of an industrialist and has been given a stylish look in the film. "What will stand out in Avinash's role is his sense of style, mannerism and acting skill," he adds.

The director is thrilled with the outcome of the movie. "The viewers will be able to differentiate the style of filmmaking and will get an insight into how ordinary happenings can be narrated in an engrossing format," he adds.

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