'I love playing the bad guy'

'I love playing the bad guy'

Actor Yash Shetty couldn't be more content. He is all excited as 'Railway Children' hit the screens on Friday. In a candid conversation with Tini Sara Anien, he shares his  excitement about his role and the film.


How  excited are you?

The movie was made one-and-a-half-years ago and I've been waiting for this moment since. Though my first movie was 'Jwalantham',  'Railway Children' was my learning ground.  I learnt a lot about acting through the film.  


Was the role challenging?

I had to portray a very arrogant person in 'Jwalantham' which required me to speak loudly and have a strong body language. There was a lot of overacting involved it. In 'Railway Children' I had to do a lot of subtle acting. I had to emote through my eyes.  I attended workshops to perfect my acting skills.  I had to adapt a Mangalurean accent for the role.

 Tell us about  your role.

I played a supporting role in the movie and my character is called 'Solution'. I play a grey character, own a scrap deal shop and I lure children who have left their homes and villages, to work for a meagre amount. I also physically harass these children.  I found this project very satisfying as it had a realistic subject.  


Since the movie has released after a long gap, how do you feel?

Honestly speaking, I look at parts of the movie now and feel that I could have done much better. My skills  in acting have improved a lot now. But, I am still excited.


How  do you think  'Railway Children' will impact your career?

Those following my projects will know that I have done some good work here. My characterisation is realistic. All my other projects are more commercial but this is a true slice of life.    


An actor whose acting has inspired you...

Everytime I watch 'Dark Knight', Heath Ledger's acting skills baffle me. Prakash Raj's acting in 'Kanchivaram' was also inspiring. I love playing grey shades. I love playing the bad guy as there is scope for a lot of performance in such roles. The villain is the next person who gets attention after the hero.    


What's next?

I have a busy year ahead. I am a part of different projects like 'Samhara', 'Atharva', 'Soojidhara', 'Rajaveera', 'Abhisarike', 'Saligrama', 'Traataka', 'Moola Bhootha Kaarana', 'Lift' and another  untitled project by Rockline Productions. I have my fingers crossed!

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