'The script is always the hero'

'The script is always the hero'

Actor Chirashree Anchan has done movies in Tulu, Telugu and Tamil and is really excited about making her debut in the Kannada industry. A fresh face in Sandalwood, she is awaiting the release of two movies 'Karigambaliyalli Midinaaga' and 'Udumba' in 2018. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she  shares her excitement about her projects.  

What is keeping you busy nowadays?

I've taken a break for a while. I am excited about my releases  as they will mark my entry into the Kannada film industry.  

How excited are you?

I am very excited! I cannot put my emotions into words. I have  my hopes pinned on  'Karigambaliyalli Midinaaga' as it is a women-oriented role. While 'Udumba' has all the elements  to make it a commercial project,  'Karigambaliyalli...' sees me playing a strong role.  

Tell us a bit about your role in 'Karigambaliyalli Midinaaga'.

I play a Hindu girl who is raised by a Muslim father. He gets kidnapped and the plot unfolds.  

Was it difficult to play the role?

Apart from exploring myself as an actor, there was nothing majorly  different about the project. I am used to doing women-oriented roles,  I started my career by playing a 'beedi' factory worker in a  Tulu film. I didn't have to train for the role, I would go to the sets and just  slip into the role.  The director was very cooperative which helped me a lot.  

Any fun moments on the sets of 'Karigambaliyalli...'?

There was a lot of fun on the sets. Naveen Thirthahalli would crack a lot of jokes while we practised our lines. We would perfect each other's lines while teasing each other.  In another instance, the director would ask Vishwajeet, the  villain in the project, to pay for my spa and parlour visits when he would keep taking retakes for his scenes.

What are some much-needed traits for fresh faces?

Acting skills are a must. Taking up classes for everything varying from martial arts to dancing is important.  

You've been a part of other South Indian industries. How different is Sandalwood?

I feel all film industries are the same. Language is the only thing that sets them  apart.

Sandalwood has  become more experimental now...

There are many movies like 'Kirik Party' which completed more than 100 days. There are a lot of new-age subjects being explored now. Realistic subjects are a hit among the audience. It all depends on the audience though. I feel  movies click because of their songs and music. If the music is good then the movie is bound to  gain attention. But the script is always the hero.    

With so much talent in the industry, what do you feel are your best traits?

My acting skills, my will to accept and learn new things and my confidence.  

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