Muslim board rejects Triple Talaq Bil

Lucknow, DHNS: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), an apex body of the Muslims in the country, on Sunday rejected the Triple Talaq Bill and termed it not only ''unconstitutional'' and against the 'Shariat''(Islamic Law) but also against the interest of the Muslim women.

The board, which held an emergency meeting here at the prestigious Islamic seminary Nadwa-tu-Ulema, said that due procedure was not followed before preparing the draft and demanded that the Bill not be tabled in Parliament.

''We urge the government not to table the Bill in Parliament....if the government feels there is a need to protect the rights of the Muslim women then it should seek the opinion of AIMPLB, Muslim women activists and groups before taking a decision in this regard,'' board member Maulana Sajjad Nomani told reporters here after the meeting.

''The bill encroaches upon the right to equality and is against the spirit of the Constitution,'' he added.

Nomani said that the bill was also against the spirit of the judgement of the supreme court in this regard. ''It is also against the interest of the Muslim women,'' he remarked.

He said that the bill was an interference in the personal laws of the Muslims and would in no way resolve the problem.

A woman member of the board, who also attended the meeting, said that the Bill, if it became a law, would in fact, put the Muslim women in more difficulty.

''If the husband is sent to jail for three years for giving triple talaq as provided in the bill then who will take care of the wife and the children?...and what will happen to their relationship after the husband returns home after completing his sentence as there is no divorce?'' she said.

The AIMPLB had convened an emergency meeting here to discuss the triple talaq Bill, which waqs likely to be tabled in the Parliament next week. Of the 51 members, only 19 attended Sunday's meeting.

Senior Shia cleric and Board vice-president Maualana Kalbe Saadiq, who had supported ban on triple talaq, was not present.

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