Clogged drainage dogs Bharathinagar

Clogged drainage dogs Bharathinagar

Ward 91 Bharathinagar

Clogged drainage dogs Bharathinagar

The ward also houses the 80-year-old Russel Market, still a popular destination for residents in the Cantonment and Bangalore East areas. 

Beyond the facade of this Market lies a menacing drainage system, which the shopkeepers complain, gets worse during the monsoons. 

One of the vendors in the Russel Market, M S Sultan, explained how the monsoons have ruined the fruit business, with the drainage water seeping into the shops.

“Mangoes worth about Rs One lakh were damaged during the rains last June, as the drainage was clogged. The imported mangoes rotted away in just one spell of rain.” The shopowners themselves had to clear the sullage to avoid further damage.

The newly-elected corporator Shakeel Ahmed, vowed that cleanliness and desilting of the drainage before the arrival of the monsoons would be his top priority. Shakeel said he would focus on providing safe drinking water and good sewage system in the ward.

“It is a challenge. The Shivajinagar constituency comprises cleaner wards such as Jayamahal, Vasanthnagar. The objective is to bring Bharathinagar at par with these wards,”Shakeel added.

Akram, President, Russel Market Fruit Stall Owners Association said that clearing the drainage is the most important issue and to create parking space for four-wheelers is the need of the hour in the ward.