Veggies can now relish different flavours of egg less cakes

This Christmas and New Year, cakes prepared without using egg have become a new trend among the people. A large number of cake lovers are placing orders for cakes without egg.

To meet the demand of the consumers, besides introducing new varieties of cakes with different flavours and designs, bakers are also preparing cakes without eggs. While a large number of people purchasing plum cakes on the eve of Christmas, people have been placing orders for a new variety of cake for New Year celebration.

Dolphin, Bakes 'N' Ice Creams, has introduced egg-less cakes for the first time, owing to the demand from customers. Manager S B Sreebal told DH that plum cakes are an integral part of Christmas celebration, but, this time not only Christians, other community people also have purchased specially-prepared cakes. "The people, including vegetarians, are demanding cakes. Decorative, as well as Christmas theme cakes, are available in the bakery," he said.

For the New Year celebration, newly flavored cakes such as 'Triple Chocolate', 'Chocolate Rocher' are being prepared. "Every year, we introduce new variety cakes. This time, new flavours are being introduced. The sale of cakes compared to previous year is the same, but, many are asking for different varieties," he said.

Similarly, Loyal World, a supermarket, has introduced new varieties for the celebrations. The supermarket is hosting a Cake festival for 15 days from December 19. The supermarket has prepared egg-less pastries, cookies, panettone crepe coconut, fondant cake, etc.

'The Wedding Gown', a cake, displayed in the market, is a major attraction. The cake which costs Rs 50,000, is 7-foot tall and weights 162 kg. As many as seven chefs worked for 10 days to prepare the cake, said manager Shakeel Ahmed.

Shriraksha, a student, who bought a plum cake, said that she learnt about egg-less cakes only after visiting the bakery. She said, "I have purchased half a kilo of egg less cake as my grandparents do not consume cake with egg. Now, even vegetarians can enjoy cakes."

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