More power to dressing

More power to dressing

I believe every woman is different and has her own personal style DNA and therefore  needs individual, personalised advice on how to create visual balance.

I have always  been passionate about giving women the relevant advice and the tools to dress  themselves in the best way to create a streamlined look using a woman's individual  body shape and colouring.

When dressing for a professional image, it is important to get first impressions right, whether  it is for an interview, meeting, networking event or conference.

It will reflect your professional skill set as well as the position you are holding in the company.

So when you are getting first impressions right, professionals feel they can relate to you. This is simply because they like what they see and therefore will trust you more easily and  faster when working with you.

Women with authority need to apply a power dressing code when doing business  because it is their visual calling card of who they are. The power dressing code  starts first of all to dress right for their body shape and body features.

Secondly,  women with authority need an outfit that they can rely on and feel comfortable and  not restricted in any way, so they can focus on their job 100 percent.

Thirdly, the power dressing code needs to be appropriate for age and position while looking trendy.

Their professional image needs to convey an image of knowing yourself, being up to  date with current affairs as well as ready and prepared no matter what the day will  bring.

Looking current doesn't mean buying constantly new outfits and dresses, but  instead, for example, having a current haircut, makeup or accessorising your outfit with  latest items.

It is important that your image shows that you put yourself together with care and respect- that you are looking groomed.

In business that means  that you put attention, care and respect into your professional image, which translates into people thinking that you will put the same effort towards your work, company and clients.

If you want a client, colleague and a company to respect and invest in you, you have  to make the first step. If you don't invest in yourself and don't show self-respect why  should they?

Women with authority simply need to invest in themselves by paying  attention to themselves, finding their signature look, buying investment pieces for a  staple wardrobe and looking prepared and in control no matter what the day will  bring.

Dressing right takes strategy. In order to look and feel good, we simply can't  wear clothes based only on what we love!

"Dress shabbily; people remember the clothes. Dress impeccably; people remember  the woman," said Coco Chanel.  

The first step to power dressing is honest self-assessment by assessing your body  shape and body features. It is all being honest with yourself, and knowing your  strengths and weaknesses.

Every woman has  features which are better than others -- the skill is bringing the good ones into focus  and distracting attention from the others.

A woman with authority has to look her best and there is no excuse about it because she has the means and resources to ask  an expert. She
would do the same when it would be a business matter.

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