Mysuru zoo commits one giraffe; BBP wants three from China

The lone giraffe to arrive from Mysuru at the Bannerghatta Biological Park in January is more likely to get a companion from Beijing.

Anxious zoo authorities, who are unwilling to refuse the offer of a single female giraffe from the Chamarajendra Zoological Garden, are planning to revive their talks with the Chinese to see if they can exchange spotted deer and sloth bears for a pair of male giraffes and a single female one.

The Mysuru zoo had agreed to send a pair of giraffes to the BBP, but the death of 22-year-old male giraffe Krishnaraja on November 25 meant they could only send one female, Dr Sujay, BBP veterinarian, said.

The sad end of Bhola, a single zebra that died as BBP officials struggled to find a mate for the animal, has only compounded the anxiety about the giraffe, said an official who accompanied a team to examine the giraffes at Mysuru last week.

"We can't refuse the animal or delay accepting it since we're not sure when we would get a giraffe," said the official, pointing out that the Mysuru zoo has finally agreed to part with the giraffe after five years.

Two months ago, officials from Beijing visited Bengaluru and were keen on exchanging giraffes for spotted deer and sloth bears, the official said.

No written communication had happened between the zoos on the matter, but BBP officials will also discuss their predicament with the Zoo Authority of Karnataka.

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