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On my pinboard

Sandalwood actor Vijay, popularly known as Sanchari Vijay, made his debut in the industry  with 'Rangappa Hogbitna'.  This was followed by a small role in 'Rama Rama Raghurama'. However, it was in 'Dasavala' that he was noticed and which turned out to be the turning point in his career.

The movie fetched him interesting roles like the one in 'Oggarane', which was directed by Prakash Raj. His first lead role was as a farmer in 'Harivu' and the movie won the 'National Film Award' for the 'Best Feature Film in Kannada'.  
In  'Naanu Avanalla...Avalu', Vijay played Vidya, a transgender which won accolades including the 'National Film Award' and 'Karnataka State Film Award' for the 'Best Actor'.  

He will play a visually-impaired person in 'Krishna Thulasi' and an 85-year-old in 'Phirangipura'.  His other films are '6ne Mile', 'Thaledanda', 'Melobba Mayavi' and 'Aatakkumpu Lekkakkila'.  

"I love reading and I do not restrict myself to any particular genre. In Kannada, one of my favourite writers is Jogi. I do have a preference for non-fiction. His writing style is very simple and straight-forward. I loved his 'Thande Thaayi Devaralla!'. I also enjoy reading biographies and books on historical personalities like Hitler."

"I have many favourite actors. I particularly like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino's performances. Jack Nicholson treats every role is differently and is a natural actor. One can clearly see how involved he is in his role especially films like 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. Some of my other favourite films of the actor are 'The Shining', 'The Bucket List'.

"I love travelling along the Western Ghats. I particularly like going to my native place Chikkamagaluru which is so picturesque. It houses some of the best peaks like Agumbe and Bababudangiri. I am fascinated by mountain ranges and hilly areas. Apart from that, I enjoy going to the beaches of Mangaluru as well as places of historical importance like Agra, Bijapur and Pattadakal. In the city, my favourite place is Nandi Hills."

"My biggest inspiration is Dr Rajkumar. Despite being such a big actor, he was always humble. He was a perfect example of how a person should be. Whatever the role was, he would immerse himself in it and go out of the way to do justice to the role, even if the process was risky.
Dr Rajkumar is a true inspiration to all actors like me. He was a versatile artiste as he also used to sing beautifully."

"I like traditional and homely food. 'Ragi mudde' and 'bassaru' (curry) is my favourite dish. It is the most healthiest form of food one can have.
'Chapati' and 'Ennegayi palya', 'Chitranna' and 'Uppittu' are all my favourites. I can have these any day and I am not a fussy eater."

"I love all kinds of pleasant music, especially Sufi and Hindustani music. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is one of my favourite musicians. In Hindustani music, I admire my guru Kumar Kanavi and Faiyaz Khan. I also enjoy tracks like 'Blood On The Dance Floor' and 'Dangerous' by Michael Jackson."    

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