Mahadayi: Farmers' agitation gets support from film chamber

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) on Wednesday committed to the Mahadayi protesters that members of Kannada film fraternity will participate in a massive agitation planned by the farmers in Nargund in Gadag district in January.

A farmer delegation led by Karnataka Raitha Sene president Veeresh Sobaradamath met KFCC office-bearers in Bengaluru.

When the farmers sought the federation's cooperation for the movement, KPCC president Sa Ra Govindu and sandalwood actor Shivaraj Kumar told them that the film fraternity would lend its support for their cause.

They asked the Sene members to schedule the agitation and give tentative dates to KFCC, which in turn would coordinate with various artistes and fix a convenient date.

"We are being fed by the farming community and it is our duty involve ourselves in the movement. I could not participate in the previous agitation because of prior commitments. But I am ready to go to Nargund now. I will make sure that all prominent actors such as Yash, Puneet Rajkumar, Sudeep, and Darshan participate in the agitation," said Shivaraj Kumar.

The usually genteel actor lost his cool when the film fraternity was attacked for detaching itself from such movements.

Kumar demanded why the fraternity was being singled out every time. "Even if one were to discount the busy schedules of actors, the fact remains that the fraternity has always been supportive. The chief ministers of the three states should sit together and resolve the issue. Therein lies the answer," he shot back.

He also got agitated when he was asked why actors like Jaggesh (who was present in the meeting) and he did not join the agitators when they were protesting in front of the BJP office. "Why should we protest in front of a party office? Do not link KFCC to politics," he said.

Kumar said that the Mahadayi movement will sustain only if it becomes a collective movement like the 'Gokak chaluvali'.

Appreciating KFCC's stand, Sobaradmath said that the movement had now got a shot in the arm.


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