City scientists' paper on cancer published in global journal

A team of 13 city-based doctors, whose key research on managing cervical cancer, has been published in the Scientific Reports, a Nature Publishing Group journal.

Through their research, the team managed to weaken the suppressive immune cells and help anti-tumour effectors to reduce the impact of cancer.

It found that cervical tumours and a kind of suppressor immune cell in them are rich in the hormone estrogen that powered the suppressive potential of the cells.

They blocked the estrogen receptor (ER) using a drug called Fulvestrant, a selective estrogen receptor disruptor (SERD), which helped weaken the suppressive immune cells.

The team concluded that the potentiated anti-tumour effectors would eventually be able to control  the tumour.

They also suggested that managing cervical cancer can be explored either by targeted therapy through SERDs or by inhibiting local production of the hormone.

The team said their work highlights the primary role of estrogen in controlling the physiology of immunosuppressive cells, besides its translational potential in treating autoimmune diseases and inflammatory disorders, where the suppressive cells play a major role.

The team of Dr Jayshree R S and her colleagues - Dr Geetashree Mukherjee, Dr Bavna, Dr Uma Devi and Dr Abhishekh Gowda from the Kidwai Cancer Institute - collaborated for the research with Dr Acharya from the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology and Shodhaka Life Sciences Private Limited.  

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