What are your decor resolutions?

What are your decor resolutions?

A new year is incomplete without resolutions. But why restrict your resolutions only to gymming and travelling? Make some decor resolutions too! Ring in 2018 with some strict decor resolutions that focus on every aspect of home designing and maintenance. Here are some ideas for starters.  

Less is more

One of the best and least expensive ways to feel good about your home is to clear the clutter. Each passing year, we acquire a pile of things that need sorting. Regular cleaning and getting rid of unwanted items takes care of those overflowing cabinets and drawers, and makes life easy when you have to look for that matching pair of socks or forgotten gem-studded earrings. "Clutter also makes your house look dated and dirty," says Sarika Sethi, a Delhi-based interior designer. This year, resolve to go room by room, clearing anything that you don't use, wear or like anymore and give it to charity. It's also important to pay attention to the surroundings and see what looks heavy, outdated or simply boring. Once you've gotten rid of it, only then think of getting a new replacement. Group similar items together in boxes or bags and label them. Stack the labelled boxes neatly in an attic or a garage.

Safety first

A beautiful home needs to be safe as well. There are a few things that every homeowner should do to ensure that they're not living with a potential health hazard or fire risk. Make sure your gas pipes aren't cracked or leaking. Ensure wire fittings are not hanging loose or exposed. Same goes for chipped off paint and plaster, or hanging doors and cupboard panels. Door locks can be upgraded with electronic locking systems and video cameras installed for better security. A good ventilation and exhaust system is a necessity. Ensure your chimneys and exhaust systems are serviced regularly. It makes sense to replace your old style chimney with a power-suction chimney to avoid indoor pollution.  

Go green

Make a list of plants that need to be sown in different seasons. Collect seeds at the right time and make saplings while the season lasts. Make pruning a habit or hire a gardener. Generally, we start a garden with gusto but over time, lose interest or are not able to take care of it due to a lack of time. Set your gardening goals and plan the maintenance strategy for the year right in the beginning. And, try composting, it's simply great.  

Within your budget

There are many budget-friendly decorative solutions for almost any decor idea. You can paint, make a slipcover, or reinvent furniture from garage sales, thrift stores or a relative's attic. Makeovers like these are easy on the pocket and give you the pride of ownership as well.

Good housekeeping

Work out a weekly system for keeping your house clean. Make a list of daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly routine cleaning that works best for your home, including interiors and exteriors.

You may want to hang pretty posters as reminders behind bathroom doors, on the refrigerator door, etc, reminding you of the next cleaning date. For optimum efficiency, divide the jobs among the help and family members and get the whole house done in an hour. Who said cleaning was boring? Make it a fun and happy chore!

Save more

Keep a tab on the big sale months and buy the important, expensive items in these sales so that you save considerably. Online shopping makes for some big savings too. Remodelling a kitchen or bathroom may be an expensive affair. So, how about listing out the work and getting just the most crucial items done on the list. You can also add embellishments to the room to brighten it up and make it dramatic.  A room's look and feel instantly changes with just a wall being the focus. Give a facelift to dull walls by creating a focus wall in a different colour and eye-catching furniture to complement.

Decor resolutions

• I resolve to never let a small budget prevent me from decorating: And why should it when there are economical options available in flea markets, sales and online websites. Creativity certainly rules over budget. And one can make a neat and pleasing home on a shoestring budget.

• I resolve not to rush the decorating process: Avoid purchasing just to fill a room. We often regret such hasty decisions and the products pile up in the junkyard.

• I resolve to commit to a  colour scheme: And stay committed, it only makes decorating easier and pleasing to the eye. Learn to lift colour palettes from a fabric or rug pattern, then crosslink these colours with adjacent rooms.

• I resolve to eliminate clutter and get organised: The first couple of months of the year may be the ideal time to start an organising effort. Take one small area of your home each week and give it a makeover. Begin with small projects like a pantry, laundry area, or coat closet and work your way up to larger jobs like a bedroom closet. The results will astonish you.  

So, this New Year, resolve to keep up the resolutions and make a happy and clean home for yourself.  

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