In a league of their own

In a league of their own

YouTube is what people turn to nowadays for entertainment. Gone are the days when everyone sat around a television screen watching comedy and talent shows.

Today, you can find almost everything on YouTube. Be it comedy sketches, web series, beauty tutorials, covers of popular songs, YouTube has it all. With channels like AIB, East India Comedy, The Viral Fever becoming household names, YouTube as an entertainment platform has definitely shot up in India, especially among the younger population.

Bengaluru has also caught onto this trend and produced some of the top YouTube creators of 2017.
One of them being 'Jordindian', a YouTube channel run by two friends, who shot up to fame early this year with videos like 'Fast and Furious India', 'Types of Sneezes', 'Savage Dads' which went viral and were shared all over social media.

Another popular creator of the year from the city was Niharika N M, who quickly grew popular among youngsters with her extremely relatable comedy sketches. 'Sh!t Bangaloreans say' was another video that received extreme love from the city.

Niharika says, "Growing up as a chubby kid, I've always been the clown of the group because that made me feel like I finally fit in, in my own way and it made me really happy when people would giggle or laugh at something I would say. When YouTube as a concept was introduced to me, I jumped at the opportunity to do something that I've grown up doing for the rest of my life!"

Naser Al Azzeh of 'Jordindian' says, "Honestly, it was the lack of good content in Indian digital scene that pushed us towards starting our own YouTube channel. AIB and TVF had definitely paved the way with their amazing comedy content, but the ones that followed were tasteless and crass. This definitely was the push we needed to go ahead and film our first video."  

Sriram Aravamudan of 'Shit Bangaloreans Say' fame says, "YouTube and its various creators were introduced to me randomly. 'Sh!t People Say' had been a global meme for a very long time and people from various cities had already done their version of it. So a few of my friends and I thought we could give it a shot just for fun and luckily it was received quite well by the people."

When asked about the perks of being a YouTuber, Niharika says, "Well I personally think it is the coolest job in the world. You get to be your own boss, while you do what you love doing, plus get showered with love by strangers while you're at it. I also get to meet and connect with like-minded people who share the same passion as mine and do what I do."

Sriram believes, "The recognition you receive after your video goes viral and the love people shower upon you everywhere you go is the biggest perk of being a YouTuber. Being recognised for your work that you put great effort into is an amazing feeling."

Naser says, "Recognition of course. We'd be lying if we said we don't enjoy the admiration we receive for our work but the one perk I personally cherish the most is the fact that I don't have to wake up early on Monday mornings."

The hardest part of being a YouTuber, according to Niharika, is "Being able to manage time between my studies and the YouTube. As I'm a third-year computer science engineering student and a part-time YouTuber, sometimes, it gets really hard to balance the two, but I've been pulling through. Also, having to deal with constant criticism about everything at all times gets a bit overwhelming, but hey, we can't have it all!"

Vineeth Kumar, also from 'Jordindian', says, "Explaining to our parents how YouTube counts as a career is a challenge. But jokes aside, substantiality is always a big challenge as there isn't a module of constant income. Unlike other professions, there is no guarantee of a pay day. So, it is up to us to figure out different modules of income."

To anyone looking forward to starting a YouTube channel, Sriram advises, "Start a channel for fun, not with the sole aim of making money out of it. Keep your content original and if you're good at what you're doing, then the money will surely come your way."

Niharika says, "Don't let anyone tell you who you are or who you're not. If you want to do something, do it for yourself. Not to prove something or someone wrong, but to prove yourself right."

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