'I have always enjoyed dubbing'

'I have always enjoyed dubbing'

It's actor Nirup Bhandari's show all the way in the action-packed trailer for 'Rajaratha' released recently. Nirup, who comes across as a live wire in the trailer, is content with the way the character is shaping up. The actor, who is currently shooting for the film, feels 'Rajaratha' is special to him in more ways than one because not only is his character is something to watch out for but also that the film has some of the best actors.

In an interview with Nina C George, Nirup shares his experience of shooting for the film.


Your character has been introduced in a very lively way. Tell us about it?

My character is opposite to what I played in 'RangiTaranga'. It is lively, energetic, creative and an extremely spontaneous one. I could easily connect with my character because it is a lot like how I used to be in college. I was a film buff during my college days and I would reel out famous lines from popular movies and even in 'Rajaratha' I do the same. Mine is indeed a very lovable character.


What is the story about?

The story traces the life of an engineering student who falls head over heels in love with a girl. But he is heart-broken when he discovers that she already has a boyfriend. Whether he manages to win over the woman that he loves forms the heart of the script.  


How did you manage to rope in so many prominent names for the film?

There is Arya, Vinaya Prasad, Ravi Shankar, Rana Daggubati and Puneeth Rajkumar playing interesting roles. We also have a lot of new faces with a strong background in theatre. There is a lot of improvisation and situational comedy, involved in the film and these actors have done complete justice to this aspect.


How was it to work with these big names?

It was a wonderful experience. I was a bit apprehensive if Tamil actor Arya would agree to our rather early shoot schedules but I was amazed to see that he didn't wear his superstar status on his sleeve. He was comfortable with the team and worked in tune with us. It was also nice to watch how a senior actor like Ravi Shankar was rehearsing his lines before the shoot. He is well prepared and is always thinking about his character.


How was it to dub for the film?

I had to dub in both Kannada and Telugu. I have always enjoyed dubbing. For the Telugu version, I got the lines taped and continuously listened to them just to get the diction and pronunciation right. I didn't want to make any mistakes.


Any interesting moments during the shooting?

I had to stand on the edge of a cliff for about four to six hours. I don't have a phobia for heights but standing at the edge for so long gave me the jitters.

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