An era of minimalism

An era of minimalism

From runway looks, pastel plays, embellished nails, unpredictable lip colours, the year 2017 revealed many stunning new beauty trends to try out on your eyes, lips and cheeks. From make-up to skincare and everything in between, check out the stand-out beauty trends that set the tone for 2017.

Pick the styles that'll allow you to embrace colour in the coolest way possible in the coming year and prepare to get all the attention, as you make a bold make-up statement. With 2017 coming to an end, it is time for big events and parties, a chance to shimmer and shine. In fact, the 2017 trends - most classic to most daring - are made for parties. Read up on these foolproof beauty and makeup trends to up your fashion ante as the year draws to an end

* Very berry lips: Dark-berry tones, shades of blackberry and wine-stained lips were much sought after in 2017. The mirror-like sheen was a rage this year. If you truly want to shine, then you've got to try the glosses in dark and vibrant hues to keep your lips on fleek. Do not add coloured glosses on top of these lip colours, instead use a clear gloss for a better mirror-like finish. Lip gels in magenta, purple and grape were popular this year.

* Shimmer skin: Adding a touch of gloss on your cheeks is passé, as this season was more about glow and shimmer. Many ditched the oil-based or cream-based highlighters. As mineralised foundations made a comeback to give the skin a satiny glow, along with bronzed-shimmer look in gold and deep brown, pearl highlighters on the cheeks for lifted cheekbones enhanced one's natural beauty. The idea was to make the skin look fresh and give it a peachy glow.

* Graphic eyeliners: The year was all about graphic eye make-up. Let the eyes do all the talking with double-winged eyeliners, flick, colourful eyeliners and white eyeliner. While black remained the classic choice, aqua blue, yellow, mint green, etc were really popular. Fuller, volumised lashes were also widely used to accentuate and highlight the eyes.

* Highlighted eyes: Highlighting the tear duct of the eyes with a bright highlighter, in some cases with soft glitter in pearl, gold or white and keeping rest of the face make-up clean, ushered in the era of minimalism. This look created bold statements on otherwise bare faces.

* Glitterati: Metallic eye make-up with soft glitter made a huge comeback. It's out there, flashy and is the perfect way to add that glamorous touch to any party make-up.

2017 has been a year of DIY facialists. Here's a sneak peek into the skincare trends of the year:

* Skincare products including oils and serums, which have a high concentrated portion of vitamin C, flooded the markets. The antioxidant properties in vitamin C gives an instant boost to the skin. Vitamin C enhances skin texture, adds smoothness, radiance and leaves you with a younger-looking skin.

* Face masks were a rage this year and this trend is only going to continue in 2018. A wide range of face masks containing natural extracts like green tea, vitamin C, aloe vera, wild rose etc, have hit the shelves. These can revitalise your skin for that instant glow.

* Honey-based serums and oils were also a popular choice. Not only do they contain the benefits of honey, but they also offer vitamins, minerals and amino acids for an added dose of nourishment and hydration. Honey has always been an active ingredient in most of the DIY face packs. In 2017, the beauty industry has picked this natural home ingredient and added it in all popular skincare products.

* Harsh exfoliators and scrubs will take a backseat and gentle cleansing creams, gels, oil-based and water-based cleansers will be in the limelight in the upcoming year. Other than these, dry brushing on your face and body will gain popularity, as it gives fresher-looking exfoliated skin. It will also be a good way to beat cellulite.

* Oil-enriched creams seem have gained quite a following. There are extra nourishing face creams, oil plus light/thick creams that are mixed together to provide instant results. When applied on the face, the oil gets absorbed in deep layers of your skin and the moisturiser settles onto the surface to give a hydrated and smooth skin texture.

(The author is a hair & make-up expert with Oriflame)

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