Fitness goals of India's fittest

Fitness goals of India's fittest

The countdown for the New Year is when we start drawing up our resolutions. Getting fit features among the top three goals for most of us. We resolve to join a gym, say no to junk food, get eight hours of sleep and drink at least three litres of water everyday. But what about those who are already fit and have devoted their lives to whipping others in shape?

Let's take a look at what figures in the to-do list of the country's best fitness gurus:

Deanne Panday

Celebrity health coach and best-selling author Deanne Panday, who has worked on Bollywood's fittest including Lara Dutta and Bipasha Basu, says she believes in leading a holistic life.

"At 49, I am at my slimmest and fittest. It is important to be self-disciplined and self-motivated. I can do 50 push-ups at a time and my New Year resolution is to include yoga in my routine," she asserts.

"I am reading a lot and I like being one with nature," she says. Deanne is set to write her third book on holistic health in 2018.

Yogesh Bhateja

Yogesh Bhateja, a celebrity fitness trainer and the man behind Sonu Sood's enviable body, too has set fitness targets for 2018.

"I have made up my mind to not compromise with my own physique. I was so involved in training others that, for a while, I didn't get time for myself," he says. Aggressive about his fitness targets, Yogesh, whose clientele includes Neetu Kapoor, Farah Khan and Esha Gupta, plans to create a programme, which is a fusion of yoga, functional fitness and weight training.

Leena Mogre

Leena Mogre, leading fitness instructor and owner of gyms in Mumbai and Bengaluru, says, "If being fit is your New Year resolution, don't just depend on a diet. Change your lifestyle," she suggests.

Leena is also the mastermind behind actor Madhuri Dixit's lean physique. She says her resolution for 2018 will include bringing down her body fat percentage. "I don't get on weighing scales. The pair of jeans that I wore when I was 30 is my yardstick. The day it gets tighter, I increase the intensity of my workouts," she reveals.

Swapneel Hazare

Swapneel Hazare, who has been the fitness trainer for cricketer Yuvraj Singh, actors Arjun Kapoor and Amit Sadh, says he has resolved to run a 21-km marathon in 2018. "I was training a client for a marathon and wanted to experience it myself. I started off with a 10k run and now I am all set to attempt the 21k mark," he says.

"In the new year, I plan to learn more animal flow movements, an innovative fitness programme that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement, with elements from bodyweight-training disciplines," he informs.

Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho, globally-renowned and celebrated holistic nutritionist in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine reveals that his resolution for the year is to build up his immunity.

"Immunity is the first and last line of defence, and the lack of it can predispose us to a number of ailments. With the amount of toxins lurking in our food, air and water, having a strong immunity becomes important. Almost 80% of immunity starts from the gut, so focusing on gut health should be the next on our health agenda. This can be brought about by using safe supplements, following traditional practices and avoiding all that destroys the gut microflora," he explains.

Mickey Mehta

Popular fitness guru and holistic health expert Mickey Mehta says promoting the vegetarian way of life will be his fitness resolution for 2018.

"Only a vegetarian diet can heal you. In 2018, we all need to make wellness our religion. To stay fit, one has to learn to forgive and bless everyone," he says.

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