Metrolife filmi fundas

Metrolife filmi fundas

Metrolife filmi fundas

 “We really want this film to be seen by people because it is saying something good. I haven’t done this film for commercial reasons. I don’t think Ahmad (Khan) made this for commercial reasons. We just believe in what the film is saying, we wanted to reach out to people,” said the actor. “People don’t pick up a subject about children, the education system and try and make a film about it. If you make a documentary, it becomes boring,” he said.

“It’s all the more difficult to find a subject and make it entertaining and make it like a story which has little bit of emotion, a little bit of comedy and drama that would make one want to sit through it. And so, all of us did this film because we wanted to participate in this process of trying to create awareness about something very relevant today,” Shahid added.
“There are lots of things that the film talks about. There are small situations in the film which signify various problems that children are going through. How schools compete with a high-end school in the locality and what happens to parents when there is a certain hike in fees? The kind of pressure children have to face when they have to attend school and match up to the studies, the extra curricular activities and the requirements of their parents.”

Shahid is certain that Paathshaala is unlike actor Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par, and praising Aamir, he says TZP created a platform for others to make films on related subjects.
“This film is nowhere near TZP. But TZP gave a platform for this type of film. TZP talks about a dyslexic child and this film is about the general education system,” Shahid said.

Charitable deeds
Bollywood star Katrina Kaif, who has always voiced her support towards fighting for the cause of female infanticide, recently inaugurated the opening of the Little Darlings Programme — meant for the care of abandoned toddlers.
Following her philanthropic mother Suzanne Turquotte’s footsteps, the beautiful Katrina Kaif took a private charter from Mumbai to Tamil Nadu to make her presence felt as she visited the Claretian Mercy Home. The name of the department, that provides skill development facilities to toddlers, was coined by Katrina who has actively participated in all the services of Claretian Mercy Home. Reveals a source at Claretian Mercy Home, “It is touching to see Katrina work here with us in spite of being the star that she is. She has won a place in all our hearts.”
Katrina Kaif, who is a pioneer in having her brands tie up with charitable causes, was present to extend her support for a programme that will nurture abandoned babies with all the possible nutritional and health care.
The programme will also oversee the education and growth of differently-abled children. In fact, a separate home may be started for those infants who are unlikely to be adopted.
Katrina says, “I love kids and hence, this is a cause that is very dear to me. I am immensely proud of my mother’s work and only hope to be of a greater support.”
Katrina Kaif, the flavour of the season, has her hands full this year with Rajneeti, Tees Maar Khan, Dostana 2 and a plethora of brand endorsements. However, the star has always managed to take out time to pursue her humanitarian efforts.

In a man-bashing mood?
Sandhya Mridul is irked by the fact that men ask women to stop PMSing whenever they are irritated. Sandhya wonders if the men even know what women go through when they go through the syndrome every month. The actress also admits that women do a good job of taking stress and take it more than men do. Sandhya adds that trouble brews when men start taking their work to bed and expect women to take care of the household singlehandedly.
Though marriage is not on cards yet, Sandhya is sure about the fact that that is not how it would be for her when she does get married. She wouldn’t react the same way if her husband turns out to be like her on screen husband in The Great Indian Butterfly. She owes the same phenomenon to the fact that more and more women are now marrying foreigners as they lend a helping hand to women when it comes to household chores.
Sandhya adds that she is not against men and acknowledges that they are a necessity, something every woman realises at some point or the other after getting married. As far as marital woes are concerned, there is no such thing as shortcut or a quick fix. The actress is just happy the way she is right now and wouldn’t want to spoil it. Of course, we will wait till the tide turns and Sandhya finds her Mr Perfect. 

A daredevil indeed
Keeping true to his signature, Akshay Kumar — Bollywood’s box office king, performed yet another death-defying stunt for one of his forthcoming films. We come to hear that a particular scene required Akshay to jump from one balcony to another and since one small step in the wrong direction would have had him plunging to the ground, the production advised Akshay to use cable wires to perform the stunt.
But Akshay refused to do so in spite of the challenge it posed. Reveals a production source, “Akshay had to jump from one balcony to another for a scene. It was advisable to use cables for it since it was quite risky and one small slip would have had him badly injured. But Akshay refused and did the stunt himself minus the cable wires.”

Leaving no stone unturned
Director Sajid Khan loves making complete entertainers that are meant for commercial audiences the country over. And this time around with his forthcoming film Housefull, audiences are in for a treat of multiple languages, all in a span of three hours.
Reveals a source, “In Housefull, Akshay Kumar and Vindu Dara Singh speak Punjabi, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Rampal speak Telugu, Ritiesh speaks Marathi, Lilette Dubey  — pure Urdu, Lara Dutta and Boman Irani speak Gujarati, Jiah Khan and Randhir Kapoor Sindhi and for a humourous touch, Chunky Pandey speaks Italian.”
 The romantic comedy entertainer Housefull is a story of normal people caught in abnormal situations sparked off by a white lie. The film starring Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Riteish Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan and Arjun Rampal talks of the world’s unluckiest man trying to find true love to change his luck. “Sajid Khan tried to incorporate as many languages as he could into the script and to reflect as much Indian culture as he could into the film. Audiences will love the great comic timing of the actors in the film along with the fact that how everything is so perfectly entwined,” adds the source.