'One has to wait for good roles'

'One has to wait for good roles'

Actor Yashas Surya has been in the film industry for a while and is content about the work he has done so far.

The actor made his debut with 'Yuga Yugagale Sagali' and was later seen in 'Sishira', 'Tufaan', 'Paramashiva', 'Chingari', 'Sangama' and 'Shravani Subramanya'.

In 2017, he appeared on screen in distinct roles in 'Jilebi' and 'Chakravarthy'. Yashas, who will be seen in movies like 'Kurukshetra', 'Ramadhanya' and 'Chitte' in 2018, is at his excited best.

You've been in the industry for 10 years. What are some of the things you've learnt so far?

I've learnt to be more patient. One has to wait for good roles. I have also understood that there are many nuances to acting which one has to keep learning. I am lucky that I had the opportunity to closely interact and work with actors like Anant Nag, Darshan, Ganesh and Shivarajkumar. This has taught me a lot. Acting is a learning process and has its own ups and downs.

How did you get into acting?

I was a model but I realised that it was not a satisfying career. I could not express myself in that field. I soon understood that I could showcase myself better through acting and reach out to people through films. Movies are a great platform to endorse oneself.

Tell us about your upcoming roles.

This year was a lucky one in my career as I could play varied roles. In 'Kurukshetra', I essay the role of Nakula. In 'Ramadhanya', I play four characters and it was very challenging. I play a husband who loves his wife a lot in 'Chite'.

Was 'Kurukshetra' more challenging than your other movies?

I had to practise my lines many times. I have to talk in pure Kannada for the characters which was quite challenging. The looks, body language and lines were distinct for each of the characters.  

How does it feel to be a part of such a big project?

I couldn't have asked for more! 'Kurukshetra' is a big project as it has renowned stars like Darshan and Sonu Sood. This is my third movie with Darshan. He always treats everyone with a lot of respect. He is a very humble and sweet person. I feel very lucky to be a part of the starcast.

Is acting in historical movies different from other films?

It can be quite taxing. Imagine wearing heavy costumes and acting? Applying makeup for the role can easily take up to one hour. It is quite a task.

What are the hardships an actor faces in the industry?

Each person goes through a different process. There are times when one bags a good project but the film doesn't move ahead. Sometimes, a script might not be as good as one was expecting. An actor has to persist and be hopeful.

The qualities you think every actor should have...

An actor should be fit, dedicated and ready to mould according to each character.

How do you describe acting?

Acting is everything for me. It defines me. I'm peaceful when I'm in front of the camera.

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