Rajinikanth takes plunge into politics, to float new party

Rajinikanth takes plunge into politics, to float new party

Putting an end to a prolonged suspense, actor Rajinikanth on Sunday announced that he would enter politics by floating a  new party and contest all the 234 seats in the next Tamil Nadu Assembly elections.

"I will definitely enter politics. It is the need of the hour. I will also launch a new party at the appropriate time," Rajinikanth said during a photo session with fans.

While stating that he would not contest the upcoming local body polls, the actor said he would decide on entering the Lok Sabha poll fray in 2019 after launching his own party.

Claiming that the political situation in the state has become worst, Rajinikanth said he has decided to enter the politics not for fame or money.

"I am not entering for fame or money. I have enough of it. There should be a politics that is devoid of caste and religion," the actor said.  

He also recalled the time when he got a chance to come to power at the age of 45. However, the actor was not interested that time.

The actor went on to add that the decision to join politics at the age of 68 was due to "compulsion of time".

Stating that it was not an easy task to contest elections and come to power, Rajinikanth said he was confident that he has the support of people and the god's blessings.

He said his first task would be to expand and strengthen the fans club across the state. "All the fans club has to be registered and strengthened even at the street-level," said Rajinikanth.  

"It is time to coordinate with every fan club. Every street in Tamil Nadu should have our presence", he added.

Urging his fans to be saviours instead of being usual party cadres,  the actor said all his saviours should question the wrongdoings in every department.

He also said that he would launch his party's manifesto soon.   "If  I am not able to fulfil the promises within three years of coming to power, I will resign," said Rajinikanth.    

"My party's philosophy will be truth, hard work and growth,"  the actor said.

He also urged his fans to not speak about politics or speak ill of any political party till the next Assembly elections.

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