'I was not someone who wanted to be an actor'

'I was not someone who wanted to be an actor'

'I was not someone who wanted to be an actor'

Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel started his career as an  assistant director and worked with Vikram Bhatt. He made his acting debut with Vikram Bhatt's 'Inteha' in 2003. He is known for movies like 'Murder', 'Nazar' and ' Silsilay'.  

He was also seen as a host in television shows, 'Superdude'.  In a chat with Surupasree Sarmmah, Ashmit talks about his journey in the industry.  

When did you realise you wanted to take up acting as a career?

To be honest, I was not someone who always wanted to be an actor. In fact, I was a huge fan of Sunil Gavaskar and wanted to become a cricketer. It was only later in life when my sister joined the film industry, I  got exposed to this world of cinema and actually thought that acting can be a career. Prior to that, being the only son, I was all geared up to take on the family business.    

Was there any pressure on you on the work front considering Ameesha Patel is your sister?

There was no pressure as such but of course, people compared her success and mind, but it didn't really affect  me or bothers me.    

Which was one of the most challenging roles you have done?

I would say 'Banaras'. Every time  I read the script, there would be something new popping up. It is a very spiritually and metaphysically evolved film with a lot of layers. And at that time, I was just 24 and not as spiritual as I am now, so, everything used to bounce over my head. Every time, I read the script, a new question would arise. My character's growth in the film is a growth in his spirituality and awakening.  

You are also into fitness, who was your motivation to pursue fitness?

I was always into fitness. I was a sportsperson back in school and played every possible sport. I was also my school's rugby captain until I hurt my knee and that was when I was introduced to gymming. Along the way, a lot of people have helped me. Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan helped me immensely.  

Who is that one actor you would like to work with?

My list is very long both in Hollywood and Bollywood. But to pick one, it will be Akshay Kumar.  

What would you have been, if you were not an actor?  

Well, I am DJing as well right now. It has been my  childhood dream. If not that, I would have definitely been an environmentalist.  

You have also worked as an assistant director in a couple of movies, tell us about that experience!

It was a great actually. After I finished my acting course, I was a bit lost and didn't know what to do. That's when Hrithik Roshan suggested this to  me as he did the same. I approached Vikram Bhatt and worked with him for a couple of films. So, I got to do the post-production of 'Raaz', the shooting of 'Awara Paagal Deewana' and 'Aitbaar' and the pre-production of 'Footpath' simultaneously. In a span of six months, I got to work on every aspect of filmmaking like a crash course.    

Any advice that changed your life?    

'Don't take any advice. Make your own choices'.    

Name three public figures you follow on Twitter?

Barack Obama,  Elon Musk and of course  Maheck Chahal (laughs).  

What is on your bucket list for this year?  

I love travelling but last year was not great in terms of travelling. So, this year, I am looking forward to more nature travels like Bhutan and Cambodia and indulge myself in adventure activities like trekking and white-water rafting. This apart, I want to get my scuba diving licence and learn to play guitar.    

What do you do when you are not working?

Travelling, DJing and reading. I also spend a lot of time with my parents and watch movies.  

Any movies in your basket as of now?

Yes, I have two of my movies releasing on January 19,
'Nirdosh' and 'Hamara Tiranga'.    

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