Law making is a serious business, not propaganda, says Yechury

Law making is a serious business, not propaganda, says Yechury

Law making is a serious business, not propaganda, says Yechury

"Law making is a serious business but the Central government has converted it into a political propaganda," CPI(M) national general secretary Sitaram Yechury said.

He was speaking after inaugurating the CPI(M) 22nd state convention at Swaraj Maidan in Moodbdiri on Tuesday.

The CPI(M) general secretary alleged that it is made to appear that the Prime Minister has pioneered the reform where women pilgrims can carry out Haj pilgrimage all by themselves without male escorts. In reality, it was Saudi Arabia which introduced the relaxation first, he said.

With regard to the abolition of triple talaq, Yachury pointed out that marriage is a civilian contract. "Imposing criminal cases on the accused of triple talaq cases will not lend itself into legal credibility. As per the amended rule, a jail term of three years is recommended for those who utter the word talaq," Yechury said and asked whether the government would take care of the family of the accused while he is imprisoned.

Yechury further termed these measures as attempts to divert people from their day-to-day hardships caused by the failed economic measures of the government like those of demonetisation and implementation of GST.

 'Crony capitalism'

"Demonetisation has made the lives of daily wage labourers and fishermen miserable. Demonetisation was nothing but a measure taken to appreciate the profit of capitalists," he said.

"During the tenure of UPA government, 49% of assets were with 1% of the population. During the last three years, the percentage of assets has increased to 60. This is the crony capitalism of the worst order as created by the Central Government," he said.

"The nation doesn't need 'Netas' (leaders) but 'Neeti' (good policies). It is high time that alternate policies are framed", Yechury said.

 "Right-winged outfits like RSS have been carrying out communal polarisation and have been spreading violence. Even Judicial Commissions have made a note of this. He recalled that communal forces had opposed Kerala CM's visit to the district. Without quoting the name of Anant Kumar Hegade, Yechury pointed out that, "The Union Minister who had taken oath on the Constitution, went to the extent of questioning the relevance of the same Constitution."

CPI(M) State committee member K N Umesh interpreted Seetaram Yechury's English speech in Kannada for the local crowd. CPI(M) members from various states took part in the convention. A rally was taken out by the CPI(M) members prior to the inaugural programme.

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