A question of safety

A question of safety

Online shopping has become  the order of the day. With the convenience of doorstep delivery, online trading has also made its way into people's life. Today, there are many marketing platforms that promise seamless buying and selling of goods.  

However, the missing of Bengaluru techie, Ajitabh Kumar, who went out to close a deal with a buyer he found on online trading website OLX, has stirred a hornet's nest. A few Bengalureans say that they feel unsafe using portals like these in future.

Jathin Akash Kumar, an industrialist, says, "These portals that vouch to be safe and convenient for users should become more responsible. It is high time they understand the consequences these platforms can have on people's life. A better screening process of every user's identity should be given priority and this should not stop at this. There should be some provision wherein the meeting of the buyer and seller can be tracked down."

He points out that this is not the first such incident that has surfaced. In fact, there are many stories of people taking these platforms for granted. Various incidences of online frauds and fake profiles have been coming out.

So, does this mean, that these platforms have lost its real purpose? "I don't think the purpose is lost. There are a lot of people who have found what they wanted and have had good experiences. Of course, they will become wary now, especially after so many incidences coming to light. It is sad to see that many genuine buyers and sellers are at risk because of a handful of people," opines Jathin.

It has been more than 15 days since Ajitabh to go missing and there has been no trace of his whereabouts. Manish S, a music site manager, believes that the recent incident has created a sense of fear among people and has affected the company's reputation too.

"It is really unfortunate to hear the techie's incident. The purpose of the site was to keep its customers safe but this incident definitely questions this aspect. The company has to work on its business model," he says.  

"Having said that, safety should always be one's priority. Ensuring one's safety especially while going out to meet an unknown buyer or seller would be the wisest thing to do," adds Manish S.    

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