'I do not like to schedule my goals'

'I do not like to schedule my goals'

'I do not like to schedule my goals'

It must be her charming smile, her bubbly personality or the mouthwatering dishes she prepares. Whichever it may be, Maria Goretti has won many hearts with her appearance on screen.  

She's back again to the small screen with 'I Want To Bake Free' on 'Living Foodz' where she explores the  nuanced world of baking and simplifies the daunting aspects of baking.  

In a chat with  Anila Kurian, Maria talks about her show and her plans for the year ahead.

You've been part of the culinary world for a few years now. How has it been?

It's probably my interest in wanting to learn more that drew me to join the culinary world. I never thought that I would have a show or even have a YouTube channel. Everything just fell into place for me.

Do you think your work has impacted aspiring chefs?

I'm not sure. I don't believe looking at what others are doing. I do what I love and I cook within a style that I am comfortable in. My recipes are more about sharing than being anything else.

What's your all-time favourite recipe?

I love making my mother's 'Baked chicken'. In desserts, Mille-feuille is something that I enjoy.  

What do you think will be the food trend in 2018?

I honestly have no idea and I don't think I care much. I'm on a holiday right now and that's all I'm thinking about right now (laughs).

What are your recommendations to stay fit?

As long as you follow a balanced diet, you don't have to pick and choose everything you eat. And by a balanced diet, I mean, taking in enough proteins and fat for your body. And most importantly, just exercise regularly and you'll automatically join the fitness wagon.

What are the goals  that you want to achieve this year?

I am not someone who likes to schedule my goals. I just want to travel, explore more food and be happy.

Which place tops your bucket list?

Machu Picchu has been on my bucket list for a very long time now. I hope to make it happen this year.

Do you have any favourite places for food?

The world has gotten larger and there's so much to discover these days. So it's hard to pick a favourite place to go. I love everywhere there is food.

What's special about your show?

It is a baking show that has something for everyone. If you want to learn an easy or a difficult one, we have that. It's also for those who want to learn how to prepare something.

What's something new that you learnt on the show?

I've learnt to temper chocolate. I have always worked with chocolate but I've avoided tempering it.

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