Revolutionise education system in India: Nagaland guv

Revolutionise education system in India: Nagaland guv

Revolutionise education system in India: Nagaland guv

Nagaland Governor P B Acharya said that the education system in India should be revolutionised to incorporate the essence of societal concern.

Speaking after inaugurating the platinum jubilee celebrations of Academy of General Education (AGE), Manipal, the Governor said that it is an irony that the country, even after independence, is still following Macaulay's education minute which surrounds the idea of self-centricity. He added that the youth should be aware of their responsibilities towards their fellow men. He lamented that the education system in India is deviating the youth from the concept of community living.

"Time has come to change the mindset of the people of the country. Our education system has to change because the ultimate goal of getting education should not be just to acquire a degree in medicine, engineering or any other subject. But, through the degree the youth should serve the people and make the society strong. Procuring a degree should not be the ultimate goal in life of any individual, rather it should be the only beginning," he said.

The Governor added that poverty is not a curse, however, elimination of poverty should be the priority. He urged the youth to make the society strong by serving people and creating wealth.

Questioning whether the education system is changing the society in the country, the Governor said that the country needs an evolution which emphasises on the fraternity concept. The country is a nation which is inbuilt with varied cultures and traditions, he said.

Unity should be the core concern and any individual should grow taking another along the path,he said. "Youths should be the ambassadors of change that harvest the new beginning of inclusiveness. The educated individuals have greater responsibility and are indebted towards the society. They should face challenges. The goal of the educated class should be to empower the society and be an agent to carry out patriotism," he said.

Lamenting that the integrity of India is affected in North East, he said Arunachal Pradesh is a disputed area. The North East should be developed and the people in the area should be brought to the mainstream of the society, he said.

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