A step above Mediclaim towards a healthy future

A step above Mediclaim towards a healthy future

An apple is simply not enough to keep you healthy in today's fast-paced life, which has become synonymous with stress, tension, uncertainty and anxiety. Life is an opportunity that needs constant nurturing. It is important to safeguard it against unforeseen health eventualities. It is best to start young and be aware of the importance of having a fixed benefit health insurance cover alongside a Mediclaim policy.

You may wonder why take a fixed benefit health insurance plan when you have already got yourselves covered with a group Mediclaim policy, provided by your company. The answer is they both offer different benefits, and what one lacks is complemented by the other. Together they can offer you a protective shield against all health-related conditions.

A Mediclaim policy is a hospitalisation benefit, which reimburses hospitalisation expenses and treatment cost towards pre-specified illnesses for a specific sum assured limit. Mediclaim policy houses two types of claim - Cashless and Reimbursement. In a cashless procedure, a patient does not have to pay to the network hospital for treatment. In case of reimbursement, the patient/patient party need to inform the insurance company about hospitalisation. For this, they need to submit the relevant bills. Simply put, Mediclaim helps you meet hospitalisation expenses for select illnesses. However, a fixed benefit health insurance plan travels that extra mile to be with you in case of critical illness. Illnesses like heart and cancer conditions are very prevalent these days. And when diagnosed with these ailments, a huge amount is required to avail immediate treatment. A Mediclaim may not be enough to provide adequate financial support during these conditions. A fixed benefit health insurance becomes a lifesaver in these conditions as it helps by:

Offering a larger sum assured as lump sum. So if you get diagnosed with a heart/cancer condition, you can claim a lump sum provided by the policy irrespective of what hospitalisation bill is incurred. This lump sum can help you pay the treatment cost and you can use the remaining to meet your other expenses. It pays you the lump sum money upfront with just the diagnosis report thus saving you from the hassle of tracking all the incurred bills and tests for reimbursement later. This ensures you get the money for availing immediate treatment. You can avail treatment at any hospital. While, to claim benefit through Mediclaim you need to get admitted in one of the select hospitals, there is no such condition imposed to claim benefit from a fixed benefit health insurance plan.

Since Mediclaim only reimburses your hospitalisation expenses, there is no scope of receiving anything beyond that to meet your expenses during recuperation.

Opting for a suitable health plan ensures that you are well prepared always. Fixed benefit health insurance plans offer a lot of flexibility, both in terms of coverage and disbursal. Times are changing and life is becoming more unpredictable, so it is only practical to have the dual protection of Mediclaim and a fixed benefit health cover to safeguard your life from the evil eyes of atrocities.

(The writer is Executive VP & Head -Product Management at Exide Life

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