You must read this poem

You must read this poem


Eat a tomato and you’ll turn red
(I don’t think that’s really so):
Eat a carrot and you’ll turn orange
(Still and all you never know)
Eat some spinach and you’ll turn green
(I’m not saying that it’s true
But that’s what I heard, and so
I thought I”d pass it on to you).

Shell Silverstein


Cats, cats, cats oh cats
Cats are in my house
They drink up all my milk
Morning and noon

What to do ‘oh’ what to do
Cats are in my house
One, two, three and four
Cats and their kitten.

Neha Nagarkar
II Std,
National Hill
View Public School

Merciless clock

The clock ticks away,
Running, and beckoning to me.
My weary eyes sway
with the swinging pendulum.
The clock ticks ahead,
It waits for none.
I try to catch with it,
But time shows no mercy.
I hang to the seconds,
They take me forward,
But I did not want to leave
The past behind
It's dragging me into the future,
The loud, ticking clock,
The future I don't want to go to,
The future that holds no hope for me.
Let me be, clock!
I want to dwell in the past.
Let me live in my memories,
Carry me no further with your ceaseless ticking.
Stop your mindless ticking!
It is taking me away from all I hold dear.
Clock, you drag me into a dark, fathomless well
of an uncertain future.
All I can do now is look up into the light of the past.

Sadarchita Prasad

View from the top

Aditi Ramakrishnan V-D, D.P.S-B’lore (N)If I had an overall
View from the top
Everything would seem as small
As the head of a pin in a shop.
I would sit on a cloud
With a lovely view of town
I saw this in Noddy once
Except there it was a clown.
And then I would see
All these snaking plains

From my view at the top
They would look like tiny trains.

What about the trains?
What would they look like?
Perhaps as small as a
Four year old’s bike. 

I suppose the lakes,
Rivers, ponds and seas
Would all look like a huge
Mass of blue trees.

The people and animals?
I may not even be able to see them,
But if I did then I suppose
They would look like ants causing mayhem.

I figured I might get my wish sometime                
In the future when                                                                 
All the technology in the world                                    
Has reached its fullest extent. 

 Artwork and poem:
Aditi Ramakrishnan
V-D,   D.P.S-B’lore (N)