'Life 360' changed my life'

'Life 360' changed my life'

'Life 360' changed my life'

Actor-director Arjun Kishore Chandra was an engineering student when he worked  on short films and understood his  love for filmmaking.  

It was 'Thithi' where he worked as an assistant cameraman that made him realise his growing passion for the medium.  After working on travel and adventure film 'Life 360' that released last year, the actor-director is moving ahead with new projects. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about his future  projects and acting plans.

What impact did 'Life 360'  have on your career?

A lot of people know me as 'Life 360 Arjun' now. 'Life 360'  changed my life. I am more confident about approaching subjects and working with themes now. Each project has been a learning lesson.  I worked with Anup Bhandari sir on 'Rajaratha' and it was a fulfilling experience. I learnt a lot from him. We shot for 40 hours straight at times and I realised that  missing sleep isn't a bit deal, if one loves what they are doing.  

How was it working with director Anup Bhandari?

Anup sir is a bank of knowledge. From big actors like Arya to  young and junior artistes, he treats everyone with immense respect. He is a very intelligent filmmaker and knows the knack of movie-making. I learnt to be more patient from him. The way he handles people on the set and treats the subject with maturity is  very inspiring.

A new year means new beginnings. What do you  expect  from 2018?

I  am excited that 'Rajaratha' is getting released soon. I am working on my script and  am hoping that everything will work well and the movie will kickstart soon. I have my fingers crossed.

Tell us about the script.

The movie will be a thriller. Though the industry has seen suspense and horror-thrillers, my movie will stand out.  My film will start with drama and move in a linear narrative way towards thriller elements.  

After 'Life 360', how have you approached filmmaking?

I didn't know much when I was  making 'Life 360'. I wasn't aware about aspects like TV rights, distribution rights, what the audience wants etc and I wrote whatever I wanted to. I am more cautious now and know a  bit more about filmmaking. Filmmaking is a learning process, the more you learn the more there is to explore.  

Are you concentrating only on directing now?

Though I am focussing on direction now, I will accept any role I feel I can do justice to. I would like to be seen in varied characters which  make a connect with people.  I do not believe that there are small or big roles. An actor can live many lives through varied roles. From a police officer to a beggar, he can be anyone on screen and learn the mannerisms and more about each person. This is the biggest blessing that an actor has.  

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