Basheer murder: Police forage Netravathi river for swords

Basheer murder: Police forage Netravathi river for swords

The Mangaluru police have taken on the arduous task of foraging the Netravathi river for the lethal weapons used to kill Abdul Basheer.    

The expert divers hired by the police are searching the depths of the Netravathi near the bridge on highway number 66.

The accused arrested by the police in connection with the murder have revealed, that after killing Basheer,  they disposed the swords in the river, by the bridge.    

Akashbhavan resident Ahmed Basheer was hacked to death  on the night of January 3, at Kottara Chowk, Mangaluru city in retaliation to the murder of BJP activist Deepak Rao earlier that day.    

Police informed that they have arrested P K Srijith, Dhanush Poojary, Kishan Poojary and Sandesh Kotyan in connection with the murder.

The accused accompanied the police to the spot where they had thrown away the weapons.  The hunt for the weapons is being led by ACP Valentine D'Souza.    


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