'It's a cruel world out there'

'It's a cruel world out there'

'It's a cruel world out there'

Vaishnavi Chandran Menon always knew she wanted to pursue a career in performing arts. After dancing professionally for over 10 years, Vaishnavi tried her hand at acting and fell in love with the art. The winner of the 'Princess South India 2015' pageant is now all set to conquer 2018 with a number of movies releasing in the coming months. Vaishnavi, who is currently prepping for the release of her upcoming movie 'Nagavalli vs Apthamitraru' and also pursuing her degree, talks about her future projects, her experience in the 'Bigg Boss Kannada' house and more in a conversation with Asra Mavad.

 How were you first introduced to the Kannada film industry?

I wanted to be an actor since I was eight years old. With no connection in any way to the film industry, I was looking for a chance to act in a Kannada movie as a teen. That's when I participated in a pageant and won the title of 'Princess South India 2015'. This is the pageant that introduced me to a number of directors and producers from the industry who saw potential in me to be successful in the movie industry.

 Any exciting projects coming up?


I have four movies releasing this year - 'Padarasa', 'Sur Sur Batti', 'Deva Rantha Manushya' and 'Nagavalli vs Apthamitraru'. I'm currently prepping for the release of 'Nagavalli vs Apthamitraru', a movie which debunks the myths  and  rumours that surrounded the previous movie 'Aptharakshaka'. Through this movie we have tried to portray the true story of the infamous Nagavalli.


 How has your experience in the industry been so far?

I'd have to say it has been kind of bittersweet. There have been equal ups and downs in my journey so far. But the parts that have been good, have been an amazing experience. After acting in five movies in two years, I've gained a lot of knowledge that'll hopefully help me establish my mark in the industry.

 How does it feel to be recognised by fans in the streets?

Since I've been a part of the industry for only two years, everything is relatively new to me. Half the time I forget that people now recognise my face from movies and shows. Recently, when I was walking down the street, I noticed a group of people smiling at me. They later approached me and asked me for a picture and my immediate response was 'Why would you want a picture with me?' (Laughs)

 How was your stay in the 'Bigg Boss' house?

I feel so bad that my stay was cut short. I hardly got to spend  four days in the house, but whatever time I spent was amazing. I met some amazing people in the house and had a lot of fun. If I hadn't further injured my already injured back, I would have loved to spend more time in the house.

 Any advice for youngsters wanting to be a part of the industry?

I would advise them to be very careful regarding whom they interact with and whom they trust. It's a cruel world out there and you'll have to fend for yourself. Also, an advice I once received and have taken very seriously is to always have a plan B. The movie industry is very volatile, you never know what is going to change and when. So, I'd advice everyone to have a plan B ready, and better if the plan B is an educational degree.

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