Jan 14th - Jan 20th

Mar 22-Apr 20
You are likely to explore new means of growth. There may be a meeting with an influential person. You are determined to get ahead in your career or make a mark in academics. There may be some exciting social occasion also. A new relationship keeps your heart aflutter. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Crimson; Lucky Number: 9

Apr 21-May 21
The week may open on a slightly bothersome note. You may not be in a sociable mood and this creates difficulties. Things become better towards mid-week. You look at spirituality for peace. Better conditions manifest at work. There is a gain of a well-paying job opportunity. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Green; Lucky Number: 6

May 22-June 21
This week, while some may take important decisions about tying the knot, others may have to dedicate time and effort towards the well-being of a spouse. Complicated money matters might come up. The effort you put in now towards straightening these will pay off well. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky
Colour: Yellow; Lucky Number: 5

June 22-July 23
The coming week is all about money matters, debt and relationships. Financial pressure has grown and it is difficult to meet some commitments made in overconfidence. Personally, there could be some sense of discomfort stemming from a financial crunch. Lucky Gem: Natural Pearl; Lucky Colour: White; Lucky Number: 2

July 24-Aug 21
You may be quite serious about home improvement. Some may welcome a new member into the family, which causes much excitement at home. Keep extra spending in check, especially when in the sway of emotion. There could be some event that strengthens the bonds between spouses. Lucky Gem: Ruby; Lucky Colour: Orange; Lucky Number: 1

Aug 22-Sep 21
You train your focus on property matters. A redecoration project may be taken up now. There may also be some good times spent with family, especially children. While there is some gap between expectation and outcome in relationships, there is much to be grateful about. The gain of a big asset is likely. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Blue; Lucky Number: 5

Sep 22-Oct 23
The week opens up with focus on family-related matters. There may be intense discussions on some delicate subjects with a sibling. It is a time where compromise may be reached with regards to inheritance. Some may consider a new academic course or skill acquisition with interest. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Sky Blue; Lucky Number: 6

Oct 24-Nov 21
This phase is mostly about finances. You may be able to land a promising opportunity, but it will
require hard work. While money does come, it may seem lesser than what you deserve or need. A short-distance journey may be undertaken to consider a new opportunity. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Maroon; Lucky Number: 9

Nov 22-Dec 21
You are likely to see the resolution of a personal crisis as the week opens. You will need to assess whether you are taking on more emotional pressure. Cultivating this habit will only cause heartburn. Lack of co-operation from co-workers may impact productivity. Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Purple; Lucky Number: 3

Dec 22-Jan 20
You have a calm week as you address much of the pending work. There could be a short break planned during this time. However, Capricorn is a sign that derives lots of comfort and identity from work. So, you may begin an ambitious, creative project now. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Dark Blue; Lucky Number: 8

Jan 21-Feb 19
There are some monetary gains initially, but you may have to gear up for the medical expenses of a loved one later. There may be an opportunity at a distant location but not without hurdles in harnessing it. This week, pay attention towards your mental health. Bitterness may only cause pain. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Black; Lucky Number: 8

Feb 20-Mar 21
Longer hours and filling in for a colleague is required at work. Some may be confused emotionally, as there is little satisfaction derived from all the effort you put in. Your current responsibilities may not allow you the luxury to quit. Limited choices and a wayward mind may make things appear more difficult. Lucky Gem: Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Sea Green; Lucky Number: 9

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