Asst Director of Prosecution in Lokayukta net

Asst Director of Prosecution in Lokayukta net

A proceeding was to take place at the Principal JMFC Court with regard to a class involving one A S Mandanna from Napoklu Police Station limits on Thursday.

The Court had issued a notice to Mandanna who is the accused in the said case.
It is said that District Sessions Court Assistant Director of Prosecution Nagaraju had instructed the police, who were out to hand over the notice to Mandanna, to ask Mandanna to come and meet him personally.

Accordingly, the Napoklu police informed Mandanna that ADP Nagaraj has directed him to meet him personally. Scared by the message, Mandanna informed the same to his close acquaintance Poonacha.

On Wednesday, Ponnacha met ADP Nagaraju, who kept forth a demand of Rs 10,000 to release accused Mandanna.

As per the deal, Poonacha was to hand over Rs 3,000 to Nagaraj on Thursday morning in his office but meanwhile Nagaraj fell into the Lokayukta trap. After seizing Rs 3,000, the police presented ADP before Sessions Court on Thursday afternoon after interrogation.
It is said that ADP had told Poonacha that he will have to shell out money to bribe Assistant Public Prosecutor too but during interrogation, ADP has clarified that APP had no role to play in the whole incident.