Four Nepali men burgle house; caught before fleeing state

Four Nepali men burgle house; caught before fleeing state

Four Nepali men working as house security were arrested for burglary, as the CCTV cameras captured the men breaking and entering a house in Banashankari.

Indeed, Bheem Bahaddur Thapa (31) and his associates Jayaraj Bahaddur Puri (25), Dharmaraj Bhaddur Bahora (40) and Ganesh Bahaddur Thapa (24) did not expect the CCTV cameras to work as they had yanked off the power supply to the house before venturing in.

What they did not count on was the UPS turning on and letting the cameras record their felony.

Bheem worked as a security guard adjacent to the house of software engineer, Shashikiran, at Banashankari. Shashikiran asked Bheem to watch over his house as he was going out of town with his family.

Opportunity seized

Bheem instead saw an opportunity to burgle the house.

The security guard snapped the power supply to the house in the hope of disabling the CCTV cameras, which he knew were constantly watching and recording movements.

But the UPS had snapped on and kept the cameras functional.

They had plans to split the Rs 14 lakh worth of valuables looted from the house and flee to Nepal, but the Banashankari police tracked Bheem and recovered the booty.

They subsequently arrested his other three accomplices.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) S D Sharanappa urged residents to do a background check on the security men before employing them.

Background checks

The DCP also asked them to have recent pictures of the house securities, local/permanent address and contact details of the referrer.

While serving as a way of averting any crimes by the hired men, the details will also help the police track them down in the event of a burglary.

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