Accept life in its fairness

Accept life in its fairness

A parent who recently came to my workshop said, ''Swamiji, life is not fair. Therefore, I am miserable.'' I told her, “Who said life is fair? It is your expectation that life should be fair. Life is not fair.”

But the challenge of life is in accepting the fact that 'Life is not fair'. The moment you accept that life is not fair, then in the mere acceptance, there is an intelligence that is generated. This will enable you to accept whatever life gives you.

A child is born disabled while yet another child is born very healthy. A person is blind yet there is yet another who makes others blind. Life is not fair. But the power of life is fair if one can accept life.

Say you are born in a poor family. Accept it. Having accepted, use whatever life gives you. If you can come from that empowerment, then in the mere acceptance, there is the magic of intelligence that emerges and then you will find that acceptance leads you to creativity.

Therefore, I told her to accept the fact that life is not fair. Now teach the child to use whatever life has given. Give examples of creative people, who have been disabled. I always give this beautiful example.

Helen Keller, though disabled, was a great social worker. Milton was blind but wrote the book 'Paradise Lost'. The character in the movie 'Beautiful Mind', won the noble prize despite being a mentally retarded.

Every moment is the best moment. Live life with this attitude. Be in the present. In the present, there is a hidden message, a mystery, and a possibility. Accept them and allow the magic to flow. Acceptance is not resigning to what is, but allowing what is, so as to empower and guide you.

But if you simply learn to accept without creativity, it is resignation. At the same time, I am not talking only about creativity. Life should be a balance between creativity and acceptance. Out of acceptance, look forward with 'CANs' and not with 'CAN'Ts'. Therefore, on this dimension every parent should be alert and see whether the child's balance of Shiva and Parvati - the male and female energy - the creativity and acceptance - is there.
 Once there is balance, then you will find that the energy field can help the child to live very wisely in the world. He will use whatever life gives him rather than being used by life. This is the skill; this is the insight that every parent should give as a gift to his or her children.

What I am trying to convey is, let us be humble enough to accept certain facts in our life and let us have commitment to go out creatively. This balancing is a very important dimension to be looked into.