Infosys launches Infosys Business Assurance Store to drive productivity

Infosys launches Infosys Business Assurance Store to drive productivity

Infosys launches Infosys Business Assurance Store to drive productivity

Infosys, the second largest IT services company in India, on Tuesday announced the launch of the Infosys Business Assurance Store, a unique knowledge-based solution to enhance productivity and business agility.  

In a release issued by the company, the solution will have  a  repository of more than 1 million test assets across various industry domains, technologies, products and packages.

"This solution enables clients to enhance productivity in test planning, aids continuous testing and minimizes dependency on subject matter experts," states the company.

The Infosys Business Assurance Store is built on the experience of the Infosys validation teams, and integrates with third-party solutions like HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), MS SharePoint among others.

Infosys President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Ravi Kumar S said testing has taken a paradigm shift from being an end-of-lifecycle activity to managing user experience in the digital landscape.

"This solution is about expediting testing and utilizing test cases, built through our years of experience in delivering agility to our customers' businesses. Infosys Business Assurance Store is an endeavor to bring in transformation and fuel automation in the testing space and this solution is testimony of our deep experience of over 15 years," said Kumar.

The Infosys Business Assurance Store helps clients drive greater operational efficiencies and accelerate business agility through improved test design. This solution uses machine learning tools for traceability, knowledge clustering and optimization.

The solution helps in testing lifecycle across industry domains such as financial services, retail, insurance, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, telecom, energy, utilities, services and others, using technologies such as Java, .Net, MDM, Mainframe, and Middleware

Clients can access the solution through the Infosys Quality Assurance Workbench, an artificial intelligence based platform built for supporting all leading digital technologies such as Mobile, Internet of Things, and Cloud among others.

NelsonHall  IT Services Practice Director  Dominique Raviart said with Infosys Business Assurance Store, Infosys has invested in a systematic approach for creating a repository of test scenarios, across industries, and across application technology.

"This repository is part of Infosys' strategy to continue automating the full testing lifecycle, adding its own proprietary IP to complement commercial off the shelf solutions (COTS)," said Raviart.