'Freedom of expression and speech is at risk'

'Freedom of expression and speech is at risk'

Thinker Bhaskar Rao lamented that the freedom of expression and speech is at risk in India.

Speaking at the 'Sauharda Samavesha' here on Monday, he said that people who express dissent are not tolerated. They are punished for conveying the truth. He said that the people should not be punished for uttering facts. Asserting that the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi is becoming more important in the backdrop of today's situation, Rao said that Mahatma's ideologies should be adopted by all.

He said that the basic infrastructural facilities to the poor class in India have become a high dream and the government sells daydreams to people who cannot even afford two square meals a day, which is not fair. The government which promised to credit Rs 15 lakh into the accounts of people has failed to do so. He lamented that the education system in India has become more cumbersome, which is not productive. Nearly 90% of the country's wealth is under the control of a mere four percent of the population. He said the people defecate openly on the streets which shows the uncultured civilization of the country.

Stating that the country is undergoing a phase of danger, Rao said that Gandhi remains a hope. His modesty and simplicity would be the lamp post for the ideals of the democratic institution. In fact, the Mahatma was a dissident as he constantly asked questions. He stood above all class, caste and religion. The followers of Godse will not be able to accept Mahatma's and his preaching, he regretted.

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