'I could relate to all the emotions'

'I could relate to all the emotions'

Actor Gurunandan had no trouble relating to his character in 'Raju Kannada Medium' because he could easily connect instances from his own life with his role. The story traces the life of a young man who studies in a Kannada medium, completes his higher education and goes abroad in search of a job. He is asked to learn English but he prefers to communicate in Kannada and wonders why he has to learn another language just to be able to survive. The film delves into the importance of preserving one's culture and language. In an interview with Nina C George, Gurunandan, talks about the making of 'Raju Kannada Medium'.

What is different about 'Raju Kannada Medium'?

Everybody who has studied in their respective native language will be able to feel one with the instances shown in the film. The film looks at the life of Raju during his school, college and later when he starts working. Why Raju has been asked to learn English and what happens when he opposes learning it, forms the heart of the story.

You seem to have lost a lot of weight for your role. Tell us about it?

I had to lose 10 kg to fit into the character. We shot the movie for over a year because we had to depict the life of a boy at three stages of his life --- school, college and later when he starts working.

How was it for you to emotionally depict the three stages?

Raju's life in school was all about infatuation and love. His life takes a turn in college when he begins to grow out of that infatuation and looks at life in a practical way. I could relate to all the emotions.

Is this film related to your previous project, 'First Rank Raju'?

'First Rank Raju' was about a boy who secures a first rank and comes to the city in search of a job. This is about a boy who studies in a Kannada medium and works to preserve the language.

On working with Sudeep...

Sudeep's character plays an important part in changing the course of Raju's life. Sudeep is a wonderful co-star and gave me a lot of confidence.

What are the similarities between your real life and the character?

The situations portrayed in the life of Raju are a lot like what I experienced in my youth. I studied in a
Kannada medium instruction and lived in a small town, before I relocated to the city. I could fully understand the challenges faced by Raju.

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